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Blood Ravens 5th Company
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About Me

"I don't even want to think about how much I have spent on this hobby."

My name is Sean, I have been playing 40k for quite a while now, roughly 5 years though honestly I have not been counting. I first started in the hobby with my Tau, which I later dubbed the Or'es Shi cadre. I started them early in high school because I knew someone who had a few Tau models and was no longer playing. I bought the 3rd Edition Tau Battleforce, codex and a few stealth Battlesuits. For almost 4 years I played the Tau off and on, and about 3 years ago started playing seriously and building up my army. Finally when my Tau topped out at 2500pts at the middle of my senior year in high school. Not wanting to just keep buying more Tau, though I could deffinetly buy more and I may yet, I decided to start Space Marines. It took me more than 4 months to decide what models to buy and then to actually buy them.

So roughly 7 months ago I started Ultramarines. I threw around ideas for Black Templars, Blood Ravens and Space Wolves, but all 3 were done way too much around where I was. So instead I decided to go with the stereotypical space marines, or in other words the Ultramarines.
However a few months ago I bought more than 10,000 points of Space Marines from an old veteran I knew who was moving. I spent only a hundred bucks on the whole lot of them. However only 3000 or so was in decent shape. The other 7000pts needed extencive repairs. It has taken me four months to do all the repairs. Out of this mass of models came 1000pts to my Ultramarines, mostly in armor, more than 2000pts of Blood Ravens and 2000pts of Dark Angels, though the Dark Angels may change to something else before long. I am not too fond of the Dark Angels myself. Also I put together 850pts of Grey Knights.
So I now have no less than 5 armies, Tau, Space Marines and Daemonhunters. Not bad eh?

Blood Raven Tactical Marine

Blood Ravens

The Blood Ravens colors are simple. Scab Red armor with Bleached Bone shoulders and Chaos Black trim. The Chapter symbol is a Raven, wings spread with a teardrop of blood in the center.
The chapter has no recorded markings for varying squads or companies. It is so far up to the individual players as to how to mark out veterans, sergeants, squads and companies. Despite having 3 books and the equivalent of 2 Video Games there is still not a whole lot of information on the organization and imagery of the chapter.

My other websites and some of my favorite haunts
Bolter and Chainsword:

Book of the Month: Which Warhammer 40k book I am reading lately and meets my approval.
Eisenhorn- This is the omnibus for Xenos, Malleus and Hereticus, the books written by Dan Abnett about the Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn.

Top 10 40k Books:
For the Emperor
Soul Drinkers Omnibus
Dawn of War
Rogue Star
Angels of Darkness
Space Wolf
Death or Glory
Horus Heresy
False Gods