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Blood Ravens 5th Company
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Battle Report: The Purge of Xanthion VII

2500pts Thousand Sons vs Strike Force Xanthion (Grey Knights and Blood Ravens)

This was the first time I have gone to the local hobby shop on a Wednesday, I should have been doing my class reading, I should have been getting more sleep, but instead I decided to go and get in a game of 40k. I have to say this was one of the craziest games I have ever played. Since the game was so large we agreed to use multiple force organization charts. The army lists were as follows:

Forces of Chaos

Thousand Sons, The Sorcerer's of Hurios 2 FOCs
Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Hurios, the Despot of Xanthion
-pair of master crafted lightning claws, wind of change, spikey bits, eye of tzeentch and probably something else
Sorcerer Leutenant Karindal Three Eye
-Pair of Master Crafted Lightning Claws, eye of tzeentch, doom bolt, spikey bits
Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, bunch of stuff
Chaos Dreadnaught, TL Las, ML
Chaos Dreadnaught, TL Las, ML
Rubric Squad (10)
-Sorcerer with Doom Bolt and powre fist, Banner of Chaos, thrall, Rhino with Combi Bolter and Smokes
Rubric Squad (10)
-Sorcerer with Doom Bolt, Mark of Whatever that lets GD be summoned, Banner of Chaos, Rhino with Combi Bolter and Smokes
Rubric Squad (10)
-Sorcerer with Doom Bolt, Power Fist, Thrall, Rhino with Combi Bolter and Smokes
Rubric Squad (10)
-Sorcerer with Doom Bolt, Power Fist, Rhino with Combi Bolter and Smokes
Fast Attack: (at least I think these things are Fast Attack)
Flamer Pack (Cool, 3 Horrors (things with heavy bolter like psychic powers)
Screamer Pack (6)
Screamer Pack (6)
Heavy Support:
Defiler, Indirect Fire and some other stuff

Strike Force Xanthion

Grey Knight Detatchment Alexian
Brother Captain (Grand Master stats) Alexian
-Psychic Hood, Scourging, Ungents of Warding, Digital Weapons (I dunno why all this stuff)
Grey Knight Terminator Squad Aurelius (4)
-Psycannon, Holocaust, Psychic Hood
Grey Knight Squad Bailien (6)
Grey Knight Squad Torval (6)
Heavy Support:
Dreadnaught Scourge
-Assault Cannon, DCCW, Blessed, Extra Armor
Dreadnaught Bane
-TL Las, ML, Blessed

Blood Ravens 5th Company
Master Captain Icarus
-Pair of Master Crafted Lightning Claws, Artificer Armor, Iron Halo, Terminator Honors, Frags, Krak Grenades
Epistolary Faustus Dorar
-Familiar, Bolt Pistol, Fury of the Ancients, Veil of Time, Terminator Honors, Frags, Melta Bombs, Combat Shield
Tactical Squad Valius (10)
-Power Weapon, Terminator Honors, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, True Grit, Infiltrate, Counter Attack
Tactical Squad Lucianus (10)
-Power Fist, Terminator Honors, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, True Grit, Infiltrate, Counter Attack
Scout Squad Moriar (6)
-Bolters and Heavy Bolter
Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Tornado
Assault Squad Rafiel (6)
-Power Fist, Terminator Honors, Melta Bombs
Heavy Support:
Devastator Squad Backus (6)
-Missile Launchers x4, Infiltrate

Interesting no? The Blood Ravens have 20 Tactical Marines, 6 Scouts, 6 Assault Marines, 6 Devs and 2 Characters for a total of 40 Troops total, The Grey Knights add another 12 Knights and 5 Terminators bringing the combined total of infantry to 57. Not a whole lot for 2500pts. The Thousand Sons have 40 Rubrics, 18 Daemons, a GD and 2 officers so they outnumber the loyalists and while model wise thats not a whole lot its almost double the wounds thanks to the Rubric marines. So this shall be interesting, but like usual I forgot my camera. Blast it all! Ah well lets see if I can make this interesting with some fluff instead.

Master Captain Icarus walked into the briefing room. Across from him was seated Inquisitor Dante with the Grey Knight Brother Captain Alexian opting to stand to the side of the room instead of trying to sit down. Smiling inside his helmet Icarus walked forward into the room with Epistolary Faustus behind him. To tell the truth Icarus felt uneasy, he was the only non psyker in the room though lately he had been experiencing some strange things. The Chapter Librarians had said he possessed some latent talent but not enough to go through the trials of becoming a Librarian. However such a thing was not unusual in the chapter, there were many Librarians in the Blood Ravens, the chapter possessed a much higher number than most chapters and there were many in the chapter who had some latent ability but had not possessed the power or ability to become a full Librarian. One of the best examples was Captain Gabriel Angelos of the 3rd Company. Nevertheless walking into the room Icarus was obviously set apart.

"You called Inquisitor?" Icarus asked getting right to the point.

"I did, I thought this matter would be best handled by the Blood Ravens, your chapter's particular, talents are well suited to this task." Dante said nodding towards Alexian to continue.

"We face a cabal of traitor marines of the Thousand Sons leaders led by the Sorcerer Lord Hurios who currently resides on Xanthion VII. Our intel shows that the Sorcerer has been building massive warp portals, the planet is teeming with Daemons and the barrier between real space and the warp has thinned greatly in the whole system." Alexian said punching a few keys set into the briefing table and bringing the tabletop flickering to life with a map of the system.

"So why did you call us?" Icarus asked, removing his helmet to reveal the smile spread over his face. He already knew the answer.

"Fight magic with magic as the old saying goes. It is no secret that the Blood Ravens possess a significant number of Librarians. Alexian and his marines are a significant force but without the backing of significant Imperial forces in the region I felt it best to call on those with the expertise to see the job done. Alexian here seems to trust your chapter and suggested I contact your chapter master, who then directed me to your company captain." Dante said smiling back.

"Well then, Daemons to banish, Traitors to kill, a near suicidal mission... lets get started." Icarus said with a grin. "What say you Faustus?"

"No mercy, no respite." Faustus said, quoting an old maxim.

"Then gentleman, let us begin." Dante said standing from his seat and indicating the door behind him. The fighting would soon be at hand.

Terrain: The board was 8 by 4 with two large cliffs on the far left and right with a narrow road betwen them. A forrested valley with a few ruins in the forrests was spread out between the two cliffs.

Deployment: Two Rubric Filled Rhinos with the power fists went to the far right behind the cliff, one with a banner of chaos to the right behind the forrest and another to the far left right infront of the defiler blocking it from sight. The left rubric squad with the banner and sorcerer with no power weapon deployed outside of their rhino. One dread went on the left behind the rubric squad, the other on the far right cliffs.

Grey Knights went in a triangle formation deep in the woods in the center of my DZ, GM attatched to the terminator squad and Captain Icarus between the left knight squad and the terminators. CC dread went to the left of the knights. Long range dread sat behind the cliffs on the left with the Land Speeder to its right and the assault squad with the Epistolary attatched to it to the right of the Land Speeder. Devs infiltrated in my opponents DZ right in the center with line of sight to the Defiler past the edge of a forrest. Tac squad Bailien and the scouts deployed in a forrest 12" out of sight of the Thousand Sons rhino. The second Tac squad Lucianus went farther to the right in some ruins in the middle of a forrest to wait for the right Thousand Sons squads to get closer.

Icarus slashed through the dense forrest in his way. The Grey Knights of Alexian's detatchment all around him. His men had snuck into position the following night and laid low. Meanwhile Icarus and assault squad Rafiel had blown up a few munitions dumps in the camps of cultists and killed a few minor sorcerers. The Thousand Sons had acted as predicted, coming to defeat the arrogant marines who sought to stop their great plan. Icarus cared not, his marines would fight, and die if need be to stop these mad men. Even if every member of the force died here today, as long as they were successful, millions, possibly billions of Imperial citizens would be saved. That was a price Icarus and his comrades were willing to pay.

Turn 1:
Strike Force Xanthion
I won the role for 1st turn for the 5th game in a row with this particular opponent by rolling a 2 and having him subsequently rolling a 1. For some reason luck has been so extra-ordinarily strange in games recently. Im just going to put it down to the presence of so many Sorcerer's and Librarians. Dreadnaught walked up to the cliff, the Land Speeder sped up infront of the Dreadnaught. Assault squad moved forward and to the right, both GK squads moving to the edge of the forrest, the Terminators staying in between the two squads. Icarus moved to the left of the Assault Marines. Tacs re-positioned themselves. Faustus used Fury of the Ancients and immobolized the left rhino. Bolter fire downed a rubric marine and the missiles did nothing to the Defiler. Tac squad on the right fired its melta gun on nearby rhino and blew it up into a smouldering crater, one rubric fell in the explosion and they were entangled.

Thousand Sons Forces
Rhinos on the left rushed to the left to get to the fighting. Lef squad opened on squad Valius killing 2 marines, the Defiler turned to try and obliterate the Devs but its battle cannon round scattered off the board. Land Speeder got pegged by the left Dread.

Turn 2:
Strike Force Xanthion
Hellfire Dread stayed put and put down the left chaos dread. Tacs and Scouts unloaded on Rubric Marines killing 2 and wounding another. Faustus and the assault marines moved right and a fury of the ancients pegged another rhino, immobolizing it. Grey Knights moved forward and took pot shots at the unloaded rubrics killing another 2 and wounding one, same as the shooting on the left. Devastators blew the Defiler to pieces.

Chaos Forces
Second rhino on the right unloaded its rubric squad and unloaded bolter fire at the Grey Knights but failed to spot them. Chaos Dread on right blood raged and stormed forward doing nothing. Third rhino on the right unloaded its troops behind the forrest. Rubrics on the left charged Tactical Squad Valius and killed 2 marines, squad Valius in return downed two rubric marines, winning combat. Flamers summoned on the left and shot at squad Valius but killed none so charged them.

Turn 3:
Strike Force Xanthion
Dreads continued moving to the right. Grey Knights stormed forward some, gunfire downed 4 rubrics of the second squad on the right and 2 more of the first squad. On the left the close combat resulted in another rubric falling and another marine dying. Assault squad moved foward but could not reach charge range so unloaded with its guns doing little ultimately. Icarus continued moving left and charged into the combat with the rubrics killing another 2. Scouts charged the Daemons killing 3.

Thousand Sons
Both Rubric Squads and Sorcerer Lieutenant charged squad Lucianus killing them all after of course shooting down a few of them. Squads consolidated. Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Charged the Grey Knights killing 3 of squad Torval. Greater Daemon also summoned in base contact with captain Icarus but attacked squad Valius and after the combat round they were at 4 men. Icarus took 2 wounds off the Greater Daemon. CC dread fell to the chaos dread. Scouts lost one member and killed another Daemon.

Icarus spun as he heard a gut curdling shriek. The Thousand Sons Sorcerer fell to his knees, blood spurting from the seals in his armor, his body writhing in impossible contortions. Then suddenly he exploded, wings unfurling from his back, his legs extending and becoming scaled and clawed, his neck elongating, face becoming a long hard beak. Within seconds the Sorcerer exploded into the form of a massive and powerful Daemon, a Lord of Change, Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. Icarus flared his jetpack as he rushed to meet this foe. The Daemon lashed out with its massive force staff cleaving apart two of Squad Valius' men with a roar. The great creature failed to notice the lightning quick commander as his claws slashed repeatedly cutting deeply into the tough hide of the Daemon, sending black blood pooling all around and severing the creatures left arm completely, ruining one of its wings. As Icarus hit the ground he dug his heels in and turned preparing to spring off again.

Across the battlefield Epistolary Dorar spun his force staff, launching a raven of pure darkness with a beating heart of deep red to streak across the battlefield and blast a rubric marine apart and send mud and dirt flying into the air to rain back down on the field. The Grey Knights were nearby, fighting for their life with the Despot of Xanthion, the Sorcerer Lord having slain a number of the valiant warriors already. Squad Lucianus was dead already, the marines bodies lying in the burnt and shredded folliage of the nearby forrest, Faustus had no idea if any still lived but their deaths would be avenged.

Turn 4:
Strike Force Xanthion
Grey Knight Terminators and Grand Master charged the third rubric squad, butchering 8 of them but losing 3 in return to the Sorcerer's Power Fist. The Chaos Lieutenant and the freshly summoned squad of screamers charged the assault squad, after shooting downed 4 combat saw the only one in range of the Lieutenant falling gruesomely, Faustus swept apart 4 of the 6 Screamers before they could run away. Hellfire Dread stunned the chaos dread but extra armor kept it moving, blast it. Second GK squad charged the Sorcerer Lord. Close Combat saw no wounds to the lord and the last 3 men of squad Torval fall. Librarian got his vengeance by wounding the Lieutenant and sucking his soul from his body with his force staff. Victorious the surviving Sergeant and Faustus swept back and away to use the forrest as cover. Another rubric marine fell to squad Valius leaving just the icon bearer and Icarus took another wound off the GD but lost 2 of his 3 wounds. Another 2 scouts died to no wounds on the Daemons but they held firm.

Thousand Sons Forces
The Greater Daemon slashed down Icarus but barely, Sergeant Valius avenged his captain by killing the Greater Daemon. The scouts lost one more member but killed another Daemon. The sergeant of Squad Rafiel fell to bolter fire but Faustus managed to survive the barrage and even a charge by the screamers, killing them both. Grey Knight Terminators finished off the rubric squad and consolidated to the left. Justicar Bailien had 3 attacks, hit with all 3 and wounded with all 3 and the Sorcerer Lord failed all 3 saves falling to the vengeful justicar even though he carved up 4 of the Knights.
Icarus moved faster than he ever had before, his mind racing as he spun and slashed, twisting around blows that would have cleaved a lesser man in two, pivoting on his feet to roll around the gangly Daemon slashing deep cuts into the foul creatures hide, the monster was bleeding from scores of wounds, its black blood pooling all around, spilling across the ground. It seemed like Icarus might just be able to stop this beast when suddenly his foot came down on ground that wasn't as solid as it should have been. The blood had soaked into the earth turning it into mud, eyes wide Icarus slipped, his weight top heavy from the jump pack strapped to his back. Desperately he fired the thrusters but it wasn't enough the Lord of Change lashed out with a whip like tentacle snaring Icarus around the waste, a slash of its great staff blasted the jump pack apart. The Great Daemon lifted the helpless Icarus into the air, crushing the marine slowly in its terrible grip. Icarus writhed, slashing with his claws in desperate fury, his righteous rage determined to kill this abomination. But no matter how many times his claws slashed the thick cord like tentacle it grew back and multiplied faster than he could tear free. Icarus was almost resigned to his fate when he heard something, a shout from somewhere. Turning his head on a neck that was ready to snap Icarus saw Sergeant Valius from the corner of his eye, charging full speed across the muddy ground with his power sword flashing with his pure hatred, raised high above his head. The Daemon turned to see what this pest was that would dare to interrupt its triumph, the Daemon turned just in time to see the power sword of Sergeant Valius flying through the air and into its head, the sword cut straight through the monsters thick hide and its mutated skull, burning away whatever was left of its brain. No matter how powerful the Great Daemon was, it was already badly damaged and this was just too much, with a roar of rage the Daemon began to come apart, its body parts melting away and turning to dust before the pools of liquid flesh hit the ground, burning and sizling Icarus watched the Daemon disintigrate as he fell from its grip. The last thing Icarus saw was the head of the Daemon come apart around the power sword as the blade shattered, shards flying in all directions, unable to cope with the great release of energy of a dying Lord of Change.

Faustus Dorar spun his staff catching his opponents lightning claw between two of its long and nimble blades. He heard the laugh of the vile Sorcerer as the cretin began to twist thinking to rip the staff from Faustus' hands but the marine had another idea, Faustus wrenched the staff the other direction, the force staff and power claws energy fields flaring with power as they tore against each other but of the two Faustus was stronger and with a roar he unleashed his hatred through the staff, the burst of pure energy blasting the lightning claw apart and taking the Sorcerer's hand with it. Screaming in rage and pain the Sorcerer spun trying to bring the other claw to bear but Faustus diflected the blow high with the but of his staff as the force weapon finished its spin, then he reversed his grip and twisted his body into a reverse spin, thrusting the head of the staff behind him as he turned and feeling the impact as the head of the weapon smash through the breastplate of the sorcerer, burning through his flesh and bones and bursting out the other side. With a grimace of triumph Faustus focused his mind on the staff and released one more flare of power, tearing the soul from the Sorcerer's body. Screaming in denial the foul traitor died, his lifeless and soul-less body collapsing in a broken heap. Sergeant Rafiel looked at Faustus and nodded. The old Librarian was about to congratulate the sergeant when a wave of bolter shells slammed into them, Rafiel was thrown backwards a shell tearing through the lower left side of his breastplate, the bolt going all the way through to explode behind the Sergeant, the man was lucky but he was knocked unconcious as he hit the ground. Faustus spun his staff spinning, the force weapon flaring with power as it blasted the bolt shells from the air. Backing up slowly Faustus was begining to slow, the fight with the Sorcerer having weakened him, bolts began to slip through his defenses and pang against his armor. The ancient suit protected him against the first dozen or so bolts but he knew one of them would be lucky before long. He knew he was dead, he couldn't survive this, he just couldn't, but then something happened. All of a sudden everything stopped. The rubric marines shuddered as a great scream tore through the air followed almost instantly by another. Faustus looked left and right and suddenly realised what had happened. Roaring its rage the Greater Daemon was disintigrating, its body coming apart around the power sword of Sergeant Valius, but that was not all, behind him the Despot of Xanthion, Sorcerer Lord of the Thousand Sons Hurios was on his knees, his arms cut clean off, the severed limbs with their lightning claws still sparking with power lay where they had fallen and through the lords chest the tip of a Nemesis Force Sword could be seen. The Sorcerer was screaming as his soul was torn from his body, Tzeentch did not like failure anymore than the other Chaos Gods, Faustus could only imagine what was happening to the Sorcerer and he really did not care. As he watched Justicar Bailien put his foot against the Sorcerer's chest and kicked him off his sword. The Justicar stood there with his one remaining marine, the bodies of his comrades littered around him. Nearby Brother Captain Alexian stormed out of the forrest, his blade slick with the blood of a Traitor Sorcerer.

The remaining rubric marines could not hold themselves together in the release of so much power, without the Sorcerer's to hold the portals together the warp was flooding the planet as the gates collapsed, their death knells tearing the world apart. Faustus leveled his bolt pistol at the one surviving Sorcerer as the spell caster fell to his knees, clutching his head and screaming. The bolt shell tore through the traitor's head, spraying a crimson mist into the air as the shell detonated.

++This is Faustus Dorar to all surviving marines, our mission is accomplished, gather the dead and wounded and prepare for evac, for the Emperor Brothers.++

This is the point where my opponent conceded defeat. After 3 hours of play the battle was finally over. So in the end I won by a small margin. There was a little less than 600pts of Thousand Sons left and I had a little less than 1100pts of my army left. So with a margine of about 500pts I won by a comfortable margin but not a great one. A minor victory but at least it was a victory, the forces of chaos have been stopped this day. But at the end of the game I gave up tallying up the points killed and simply tallied what was left alive, it was quicker by far. 1100pts remained out of 2500, Alexian was wounded and Icarus had fallen. Multiple squads were dead or below half strength and most of my armor was dead too. But the Thousand Sons had suffered worse. Only two squads were left, one at half, the other below half. The final rubric marine on the left falling just as we finished the game to the tac marines of squad Valius. With all 3 HQs dead and time up we called the game. A very interesting battle, at first luck was very poor on both sides with rolling far, far below average. Then it swung to my opponents favor with a lot of my men dying very quickly and then it swung in my favor with the enemy falling in large numbers but in the end it evened out for the most part. It was the beautiful deaths of the Greater Daemon, the Sorcerer Lieutenant and the Sorcerer Lord that really opened the gap and allowed victory. So a good battle and I hope you enjoyed reading it and the fluff involved. Now for a bit of a conclusion to the events in a final piece of fluff.

Icarus limped into the debriefing room. His wounds still unhealed. He had taken a massive beating at the hands of the Greater Daemon. Sergeant Valius had saved his life and dragged his unconcious and wrecked body from the battlefield to the extraction Thunderhawks. In total only 2 men from squad Lucianus had survived and the sergeant himself was dead, their bodies had been loaded onto the Thunderhawks and upon return to the Bleeding Angel, the 5th Companies Strike Cruiser their gene-seed was removed and their bodies interred in the ship's vaults for return to the Omnis Arcanum, their wargear went to the armoury for repair and to later be given to initiates who earn the rank of full battle brother. The chapter would survive. Of the 6 scouts, 2 had still been standing after the fight with the Daemons and 2 more had been savable. All four had been given their armor as battle brothers. Still the cassualties were heavy. Five men of squad Valius survived and with the three from squad Lucianus, Squad Backus and four from squad Rafiel had made it alive back to the ship. 16 men had died from the force of the force of 40 was not terrible cassualties for the battle, the wounded would fight on and the dead would live to fight again when their gene seed is given to a new generation of initiates into the chapter. With this knowledge in mind Icarus sat down in the briefing room. Without his armor and weapons he appeared much smaller than before but it was mostly an illusion. Dante looked the Captain up and down. Alexian was without his armor as well. His head wrapped in a pressure bandage, his psychic powers had backfired during the battle but he would survive, he had suffered worse. Of the three officers who had led the team only Faustus was unharmed.

"It is good to see you up and about again Captain, your injuries were severe." Dante said, showing a grim smile.

"I have suffered worse, and I will likely suffer far worse in the future. I still have all of the organs and extremeties I was born with, which is more than men far younger and who have seen much less action than I can say." Icarus replied shrugging and ignoring the pain that flared through his body from the movement.

"So Captain Alexian, what is the situation?" Dante said looking at the Grey Knight.

"The warp portals are destroyed and the Sorcerer's slaughtered, the warp that flowed onto the planet with the portals destruction was reversed when the portals finally collapsed. The only thing left is just a lot of desperate and weak cultists. They have no food and no supplies. In two months when the Imperial Guard arrive to reclaim the planet they will likely find nothing but corpses and certainly nothing that they cannot handle." Alexian said bringing scans from the Inquisitorial Strike Cruiser's sensors up in the tabletop screen of the table. The Banishing Blade was outfitted with advanced sensors for monitoring warp activity. The planet was now no more warp active than before the Sorcerer's had shown up. Pyres were burning all over the planet as the desperate cultists appealed to their unforgiving gods for salvation that would never come.

"The mission was a success then, the rest of the Imperium will never know what happened here, and that is as it should be." Dante said nodding to the officers assembled. "Well done gentleman, I could say the Emperor is proud of you but that would be rather arrogant of me to claim knowledge of that, nevertheless I would not be surprised if he is."

"We are the Blood Ravens Inquisitor, we are Adeptus Astartes, it is our duty to serve the Emperor and protect his domains." Faustus said, speaking for his Captain.

"Once again I am impressed by the valor and skill of the Blood Ravens, taking on a Greater Daemon is no small feat, and according to your sergeant Valius the honor of the kill belongs to you." Alexian said nodding in respect to Icarus.

"It was the sergeant who dealt the killing blow." Icarus said dismissively.

"Nevertheless you wounded the abomination terribly, the honor is yours, Valius admits such himself. I am also told by Justicar Bailien that it was Epistolary Faustus who was responsible for killing Sorcerer Karindal, not an easy task." Alexian said looking at Faustus.

"It was my duty to Sergeant Lucianus who fell to the traitor, and my duty to the Emperor." Faustus replied humbly.

"The Purge of Xanthion has many tales of bravery, it was none other than Justicar Bailien who slayed the great Sorcerer Lord Hurios." Dante said. "I shall make note of the valor of the Blood Ravens and the Grey Knights in this mission, may the Emperor's light protect you all. I believe our bussiness here is concluded. May our paths meet again, Captain, Epistolary, farewell."

Standing Icarus and Faustus saluted Captain Alexian and Inquisitor Dante who did likewise in return. There were many in the Inquisition who would see the Blood Ravens named excomunicate traitoris and destroyed but Dante was not one of them, the man had certainly earned Icarus' respect even if he had not been part of the mission on the planet below. The man knew his limits and that was honorable. Captain Alexian would also be named in Icarus' report as the one to go to in the chapter's future relations with the Grey Knights, the man was strong and honorable, an exemplary Astartes. The Daemons had been banished, the sorcerer's slain and suicide survived. Icarus would heal by the time he returned to the Omnis Arcanum to give his report in person to the Chapter Master as he had been ordered. His armor would be repaired, his men healed and new recruits to fill the ranks. A mission well done. The Purge of Xanthion would go down in the Chapter's records as a victory against the foul forces of chaos, and that was a victory he could be proud of.

"Be ever vigilant in the hunt for the traitor, the mutant and the heretic, for they will be ever vigilant in their hunt of you."
-Captain Icarus