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Raven Guard 3rd Company
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Battle Record of the Raven Guard 3rd Company
-Thousand Sons: Victory
-Thousand Sons: Tie
-Space Wolves: Victory
-Salamanders: Victory
-Sisters of Battle: Victory
-Eldar: Victory
-13th Company and Black Templars: Victory
Wins: 6 Ties: 1 Defeats: 0
Total: 7
Honored Allies
-Death Spectres victory against Eldar
-Grey Knights victory against Eldar
-Salamander's 2nd Company victory against Black Templars and 13th Company

Captain Shrike Honored Kills
-Battle Sisters Sister Superior
Captain Balthier Vincati Honored Kills
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord
-Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnaught
-Space Wolves Wolf Guard
-Space Marine Captain
-Space Marine Chaplain
-Eldar Farseer
-Eldar Jetbike Autarch
Sergeant Bailien Honored Kills
-Space Marine Sergeant
-Space Marine Chaplain
-Dark Reaper Exarch
Sergeant Farian Honored Kills
-Eldar Jetbikes
Sergeant Reece Honored Kills
-Eldar Wraithguard

"For Corax and the Emperor!"
-Battlecry of Captain Vincati

-Updated the site with a comprehensive history of the Raven Guard and updated the list of novels I own on the About Me page, check them out!
-Updated the site with my latest Battle Report, enjoy!
-Updated the site with another battle report and new honored kills and victory stats, check them out.
-Site updated with a few more articles, enjoy!
-Site created, finally a website for my Raven Guard, my third marine site alongside the Blood Ravens 5th Company and Ultramarines 7th, I still need to make sites for my Dark Angels 4th Company and my Imperial Fists 1st Company but those will come later when I have more to put on the site, for now this site is just getting started and hopefully soon I'll have some interresting content. Check back regularly.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

"Victorus Aut Mortis!"
-Battle cry of the Raven Guard, trans: Victory or Death.