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Raven Guard 3rd Company
About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

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I'm a 19 year old College student. 5 foot somethin and I look rather nerdy I admit. Glasses and I don't like to shave very often but eh.

I have been playing 40k for about 5 years or so, I've been playing Marines for only about the last year or so and I've been doing well with them so far. My Raven Guard are about 5 months old now and the army is closing in on 2000pts, a very fast progress for any army but then again my force is expencive and few in number yet they have nevertheless managed to destroy my opponents with contemptuous ease in many circumstances and are making me proud. I also have several other marine armies that have generally proved well on the field, except for my Dark Angels so far. In any case I've been in the hobby for some time and have plenty of experience in all the myriad aspects of the hobby. From modeling to painting to gaming and even the backstory and fluff writing. As the bar on the right of this shows I have an extensive collection of Black Library novels and it grows all the time.

Me and my Tau army, what a heretic  Iam :)

Me and my Hat... and my Tau

This was a picture taken when myself and an old friend of mine decided to have a friendly little game where I schooled him in the artly manner of the Tau... schooled in total defeat that is. A good day for the Tau and a bad day for the Marines, hopefully I'll get a picture of me and one of my marine armies soon.

My Black Library

Black Library Novels
Horus Heresy Series
Horus Rising
Galaxy in Flames
False Gods
Flight of the Eisenstein
Descent of Angels
The Horus Heresy Vol. III: Visions of Treachery
Space Marine Books
Angels of Darkness
Iron Hands
Brothers of the Snake
Blood Angels Series
Deus Sanguinius
Deus Encarmine
Ultramarines Series
Ultramarines Omnibus
-Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky Black Sun
Soul Drinkers Series
The Soul Drinkers Omnibus
-Soul Drinker, The Bleeding Chalice, Crimson Tears
Chapter War
Space Wolf Series
Space Wolf
Ragnars Claw
Grey Hunter
Wolf Blade
Sons of Fenris
Dawn of War Series (Blood Ravens)
Dawn of War
Dawn of War: Ascension
Dawn of War: Tempest
Deathwatch Series
Warrior Coven
Warrior Brood
Grey Knights Series
Dark Adeptus
Grey Knights
Hammer of Daemons
Ciaphis Cain Series
For the Emperor
Duty Calls
Death or Glory
Caves of Ice
Traitors Hand
Chaos Books
Lord of Night
Short Story Compilations
Let the Galaxy Burn
Tales from the Dark Millenium
What Price Victory
Drinkers of Blood
Crucible of War
Inquisition Books
The Inquisition War
Eisenhorn Omnibus
-Xenos, Malleus, Hereticus
Ravenor Returns
Ravenor Rogue
Scourge the Heretic
Imperial Guard Books
Kill Team
Fifteen Hours
Rebel Winter
Desert Raiders
Eldar Books
Eldar Prophecy
Other Books
Rogue Star
Faith and Fire
Double Eagle
Quize Book
Index Astartes III
Insignium Astartes
The Inquisition
Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer (Damocles Gulf Edition)
Munitorum Manual
Codexies and Rulebooks
Codex: Eldar 3rd Edition
Codex: Eldar 4th Edition
Codex: Tau
Codex: Tau Empire
Codex: Space Marines 3rd Edition
Codex: Space Marines 4th Edition
Codex: Assassins
Codex: Daemonhuters
Codex: Craftworld Eldar
Codex: Blood Angels 3rd Edition
Codex; Dark Angels 3rd Edition
Codex: Dark Angels 4th Edition
Codex: Blood Angels WD 329 & 330
Codex: Armageddon
Codex: Chaos Space Marines 3rd Edition
Codex: Eye of Terror
Warhammer 40,000 BFM Rulebook 4th Edition
Warhammer 40,000 BGB Rulebook 3rd Edition
Chapter Approved 2004

Armies I play:
Raven Guard
Blood Ravens
Imperial Fists
Grey Knights
Space Wolves

"Victorus Aut Mortis!"
-Battle cry of the Raven Guard, trans: Victory or Death.