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Raven Guard 3rd Company
The Raven Guard

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Raven Guard
Homeworld: Deliverance
Legion #: XIX (19)
Rules: Codex Space Marine Traits
Battlecry: “Victorus aut Mortis” (Victory or Death)


The XIX or 19th of the Adeptus Astartes Legions the Raven Guard specialized in rapid surgical strikes, breaking the back of the enemy before the other Imperial forces came into mop up the scene. Based on the moon of Lycaeus orbiting around the world Kiavahr, he grew up on a world benighted by slave labor and industrious waste. Rebelling against these conditions Corax led the people in a revolt that toppled the corrupt regimes of Lycaeus and freed the slaves. Naming their moon refuge Deliverance in honor of their triumph. When Corax was found by his father and took command of the 19th Legion he made Deliverance their home and struck out for the stars with the Great Crusade. However the good times could not last. In the Istvaan system the Raven Guard were betrayed. Along with the Iron Hands and Salamanders the Raven Guard joined an offensive against the traitor Horus, never knowing that fully half their comrades were traitors. When the Alpha Legion, Night Lords, and the Iron Warriors turned against them they were slaughtered. Brother against brother the three loyal Legions were decimated. Ferrus Manus, the Primarch of the Iron Warriors was lost and there was despair. Whittled down to dangerous levels the Raven Guard’s strength was all but broken, unable to assist in the major fighting of the Horus Heresy Corax had to try and re-build his legion. Desperate to help his father and save the Imperium he had helped to carve out of the war torn stars Corax sped up the process of creating new marines. But what he got was horrors instead. Barely one in a hundred recruits could become an actual marine, maybe one in ten actually able to hold a bolter. Horrified Corax nevertheless herded the abominations into battle. When the Horus Heresy finally reached its end, when the seduced traitors ground to a halt and their machinations of glory and conquest were defeated Corax could take no more. Leaving his legion to re-build over time Corax killed the abominations personally and disappeared saying only a single word: “Nevermore…”

To this day the Raven Guard maintain their tradition of rapid and surgical strikes attacking from the shadows rapidly and devastatingly with assault marines at the forefront of their combat formations. Despite their rough past and the fires of the Horus Heresy the Raven Guard continue to fight in the major conflicts of the Imperium and set examples for all other Chapters to see, their combat doctrine required study for many of the Chapters astartes.

Successor Chapters

Black Guard, Revilers, Raptors.

Notable Characters

Captain Kayvaan Shrike
Captain Shrike of the 3rd Company is known as the hero of Targus VIII, after successfully completing a mission behind enemy lines Shrike and his forces were trapped when their Thunderhawk was shot down en-route to extract them. Stuck behind the green skin lines Shrike led his men in a guerilla war, attacking vital supplies and staging areas of the green skin war effort and bringing the Orks to their knees. He was awarded the Laurel Imperialis upon his return to his battle brothers for exemplifying service and upholding the chapters honor. Shrike also carries the Raven’s Talons, a pair of master crafted Lightning Claws of archaic design. The Talons are said to be unbreakable, having been forged on Deliverance by Corax himself after the Istvaan V massacre. These claws have the Rending special rule which lets them tear through even the heaviest armor with contemptuous ease.

Special Units

Shrikes Wing
Shrike’s Wing is the specialized bodyguard of Captain Kayvaan Shrike. A core of veteran warriors, each an assault marine armed with a pair of lightning claws, Shrike and his wing can infiltrate ahead of their lines and then scout into position allowing them to attack the enemy the instant battle is met with devastating force, though extremely expensive points wise.


The Raven Guard wear all black armor. Their veterans wear white helmets and their squads are shown by differently colored trim on the right shoulder pad. Red for Assault Marines, Green for Tactical Marines and Yellow for Devastator Marines. Their symbol is a white raven.

Summary Thoughts

The Raven Guard have some great background, I love the line Nevermore, a great line from Poe. Their traits also make them a very fast, very hard hitting assault oriented army and for those who love assault marines, but aren’t a fan of the Blood Angels than the Raven Guard are a good way to go. Shrike has a great model and excellent background as well.


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"Victorus Aut Mortis!"
-Battle cry of the Raven Guard, trans: Victory or Death.