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Raven Guard 3rd Company
The 3rd Company

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The Blood Ravens 3rd Company
Captain Kayvaan Shrike
-Captain Shrike was the Captain of the 3rd Company until very recently. With his achievements numbering in the thousands and his veteran wing of personal warriors Shrike proved an invaluable asset to the chapter. Finally only two years ago the Chapter Master promoted Shrike to the Master of the Marches, and specially assigned him to the 1st Company. Shrike now operates from his own Strike Cruiser, leading his personal wing on special operations across the length and breadth of the Imperium. With his new assignment Veteran Sergeant Balthier Vincati was promoted to the rank of Captain.
Captain Balthier Vincati
-Captain VIncati was promoted to the rank of Captain of the 3rd Company. With his promotion the Company returned to Deliverance to refill the ranks. With the company back at full strength for the first time in thirteen years Captain Balthier has begun a campaign to hunt down the enemies of the Emperor throughout the Eastern Fringe, accompanied by Captain Shrike and his bodyguard of elite veterans as the Shrike carries out plans given to him by the Chapter Master himself and unknown even to Captain Vincati.
The 3rd Company
-The 3rd Company of the Raven Guard is a battle company, however unlike the battle companies of other chapters, the 2nd and 3rd companies of the Raven Guard are also known as Assault Companies. Organised into two Tactical Squads, two Devastator Squads and six Assault Squads. Currently the 3rd Company also has two squads of Scouts seconded to it and Captain Shrike and his wing. The Company currently numbers 112 Marines and 20 Scouts aboard the Strike Cruiser 'Wings of Corax' as it plies the distance between the stars of the Eastern Fringe.

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"Victorus Aut Mortis!"
-Battle cry of the Raven Guard, trans: Victory or Death.