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Ultramarines 7th Company
About Me
First Army List
The Ultramarines 7th Company
Article: The Chapters of Legend Part 1
Article: Space Marines of the Black Library
Article: Comprehensive History of the Salamanders
Article: Comprehensive History of the Space Wolves
Tactica: Tactics of the Adeptus Astartes
Tactica: Hidden Ordanance
Tactica: Powerfists and how to use them
Battle Report: Bloody Accusations Parts 3 & 4
Battle Report: Bloody Accusations Parts 1 & 2
Battle Report: Reaper's Harvest
Battle Report: Beware the Daemon
Battle Report: Suffer Not The Alien To Live
Battle Report: Death to the Traitors
Battle Report: Shattered Armor
Battle Report: Undaunted Traitors
Battle report: Old Hatreds
Battle Report: Death to the Xenos
Battle Report: Baptism of Fire

Welcome to my site. Here you will find all the information on my Ultramarines 7th Company. I admit at the moment that is not much at all. But over the course of the next few months that will change and eventually there will be quite a stock of information here, just like the site for my Tau.

Battle Record of the Ultramarines 7th Company
-Orks: Tie
-Eldar: Victory
-Eldar: Victory
-Thousand Sons: Defeat
-Thousand Sons: Victory
-Chaos: Victory
-Thousand Sons: Victory
-Dark Eldar: Victory
-Thousand Sons: Victory
-Eldar: Victory
-Grey Knights: Victory
-Grey Knights: Victory
-Tyranids: Tie
-Tau: Victory
-Grey Knights: Victory
-Grey Knights: Defeat
Wins: 12 Draws: 2 Defeats: 2
Total: 16
Honored Allies
Confessors Chapter- Victory against Eldar
Ultramarines 9th Company- Victory against Thousand Sons
Blood Ravens 5th Company- Victory against Eldar
Captain Vash Thalion Honorable Kills
-Dark Reaper Exarch
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer
-Khorn Berserkers
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord
-Screamer Daemons
-Flamer Daemons
-Howling Banshee Exarch
-Grey Knight Grand Master
-Grey Knight Justicar
Chaplain Claudius Honorable Kills
-Eldar Farseer
-Howling Banshee Exarch
-Dark Reaper Exarch
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord
-Warp Spider Exarch
-Grey Knight Justicar
Sergeant Tyriel Honorable Kills
-Greater Daemon of Tzeentch
-Dark Eldar Haemonculus
-Flamer Daemons
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord
-Flamer Daemons
-Grey Knight Justicar
Sergeant Oscelo Honorable Kills
-Greater Daemon of Tzeentch
-Screamer Daemons
-Flamer Daemons
Sergeant Herrion Honorable Kills
-Thousand Sons Sorcerer
-Howling Banshee Exarch
-Dark Reaper Exarch
-Eldar Jetbike Warlock

The News:
I added my comprehensive articles on the Space Wolves and Salamanders, archived here as none of my other Marine websites fit the role of archiving those articles. I hope they are enjoyable.
I updated the site with two articles I wrote some time ago for Tau Online, I hope they prove useful to those readers who may have missed their origional postings.
Finally I found a way to get some more space and get my sites back in action. I deleted my old and out of date photo album, I now exclusively use photobucket, and with that freed up 17MB of space I can get back to keeping these sites up to date. Though I am considering how to do this as I now have no less than THREE new armies. A massive Dark Angel force, a sizeable Lysanderwing Imperial Fists army, and a small Grey Knight force. Individual pages for each??? I doubt it, I might try renovating the sites and making a general Space Marine site, to include all the material for all my various marine armies. In any case check in here to see what happens!
Wow so many things have happened since I last updated the news. I now have more than 5000pts of space marines divided into 3 armies right now. I boosted the Ultramarines to 2000pts and also wrote up an 1850pt Blood Raven list with roughly enough left over for a 1500pt Dark Angel force and I still have about 12 Terminators and 15 scouts not in use along with almost a dozen characters and HQs. Tons and tons of stuff that I am just not going to be able to make use of fully. But I can certainly try and what I cannot use Ill sell. I got the whole deal for 100 bucks and for the last few weeks have been working on piecing it all together. I joined Bolter and Chainsword and have been posting there, my friend with the Confessors The_Chaplain noticed and said hi which is cool. I am considering adding the Blood Ravens and Dark Angels to this page or making pages for them individually, I think Ill go the individual route. So keep an eye here I will certainly be updating and right now I need to update this with a battle report.
Well I wont likely be getting in anymore games for the next three weeks or so. However I have recently written two articles, one on powerfists and their uses and the other on a common tactical problem faced by players where the enemy hides ordanance or uses other tricks to shoot you whithout you being able to return fire. Most notably with battle cannons, Crystal Targeting Matrixs and Tau Battlesuits. I hope you enjoy reading them.
I got two battles in today at the new local hobby shop now that Im at college. One defeat and one victory, not bad for one day and now I can finally get into a routine. Better yet I am getting a bunch of extra models and bits aswell as a Dread and rhino thanks to Uriel from Tau Online to make into some vets and two people in my dorm might start playing soon starting Tyranids and Chaos. 40k is looking a lot better now. Hopefully in the next few weeks Ill get my Tau down here too and some terrain and all will be great.
Pictures for my second battle report are now added at the bottom of the report. Enjoy.
I got my second battle in today and it was a victory against the Eldar. The battle report and some new fluff on the 7th Company is now up. Check it out.
Got my first battle in today, didnt go so badly. Check out the battle report.
Well this is a new begining for me. The Ultramarines 7th company are still in painting the commander not even finished yet (close though). I should get to fight a battle with them tommorrow and try out the army. Keep an eye on the site to see if anything is new, with this site you can watch the progress of my new army as it grows and I learn how to use it.

To comment on my site either PM me on where my username is Vash113. Or you can email me at I hope you enjoy the site.
You can also see my Tau cadre's site found here:

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