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Ultramarines 7th Company

First Army List

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First Army List
The Ultramarines 7th Company
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Ive added to the army and buffed it to 1000pts.

I added to my army another tac squad, a lascannon dev and a jump pack chaplain. So the army now is:

Master Captain Vash Thalion (ok so Im recycling a name from some old fluff of mine but Ive used it before elsewhere)
-Power Weapon, Master Crafted Plasma Pistol, Terminator Honors, Melta Bombs, Frag Grenades, Adamantine Mantle
Total: 176
Pricey I know but this is just a test commander so far, I wanted an HQ that would support the rest of the army and plug holes when they appear.

Reclusiarch Chaplain Claudius
-Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, bolt pistol, jump pack, melta bombs, frag grenades
Total: 112
Much simpler HQ, this guy attatches to the assault marines and makes them more... assaulty.

Tactical Squad Tyriel (10)
Sergeant- Power Fist, Terminator Honors, bolt pistol, frag grenades
-9 Marines, frag grenades, meltagun
Total: 200
A close ranged squad, designed to fire on the move, with a burried powerfist to deal with unexpected problems and a meltagun to help. Im thinking to use this unit to offer support to the assault marines.

Tactical Squad Oscelo (10)
Sergeant- terminator honors, power weapon, bolt pistol
-9 Marines, plasma gun, missil launcher
Total: 195
A fire support unit to back up the advance and help the Devs.

Tactical Squad Altaris (10)
Sergeant- ccw,
-5 Marines, flamer
Total: 96
Half of the Macragge marines, this is a small wild card unit.

Fast Attack
Assault Squad Herrion (5)
Sergeant- Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Terminator Honors, melta bombs
-4 Marines, 2 Plasma Pistols, melta bombs
Total: 175
Primary assault unit, backed up by Tac squad Tyriel these guys will head forwards through cover using the plasma pistols to down any difficult foes they encounter and target hidden enemy armor or firebases or even characters. Not cheap and few in number but until the army grows my options are limited.

Devastater Squad Altaris (5)
Sergeant- bolter
-4 Marines, lascannon, missil launcher
Total: 130
Pure tank bustyness.

Army Total: 1084

To even the points I would drop Tactical Squad Altaris and bump the chappy to a Codicier.

Alright this is most pleasing, my army is coming together nicely, I didnt think I could get the chappy or lascannon marine today but did. So when I get another 20 bucks Ill get another lascannon marine and maybe a plasmacannon or multi melta. To fill out the Devastators. Next though comes the elites. What elite should I add to balance this list?

I was thinking either a squad of Terminators or a squad of Veterans. I had my eye on Tyranid Hunters as I am Ultramarines it would be fluffy but I dont see the value in them much. Id have to add a heavy bolter to use the hellfire rounds. There is also the dreadnaught but while it looks cool I dont think its going to be effective especially as Im already at 1k and have no other armor it wont last, not at all. There is also the techmarine but it doesnt seem to my liking. Maybe if I had a Land Raider to put him in and the money to outfit a gun servitor with a plasma cannon but baring that nah.

So either Tyranid Hunters, Veterans or Terminators... which do you think would be best for this army to stay balanced and not specialize either way too much. I already have shooty and assaulty elements in about even mix, its what next Im not sure about.

"In the 41st Millenium, there is only war."
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