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Ultramarines 7th Company
Battle Report: Reaper's Harvest
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1500pts Ultramarines vs Eldar

I finally got a game in and my brother chose my Ultramarines for this fight since I gave him the choice. So at roughly 1500 Eldar vs Marines the lists were as follows:

Some fluff:

Captain Thalion listened intently to the vox chatter as his rhino slewed into position in the outskirts of Rafelo City. The Eldar had attacked for an unknown reason but the Ultramarines had responded to the attack in force. Fresh from Macragge with new equipment and heavily reinforced from the drastic cassualties previously suffered the 7th Company was ready to bring the Emperor's justice to the vile Eldar xenos. With four squads dug in, armored support and reserve units the Ultramarines were well prepared to meet the Eldar attack. Fully expecting the enemy to dig in and try to out shoot them from the outer barricades lost early in the battle for the city, Captain Thalion had prepared some surprises for the Eldar. The aliens would fall this day, the citizens of the Emperor would be protected, and the Ultramarines would move onto the next warzone. There was no doubt, for Captain Thalion and his men had faith.

Farseer, Fortune, Guide, Spirit Stones
Dark Reapers (5), Exarch, Tempest Launcher, Fast Shot
Howling Banshees (7), Exarch, Mirror Swords x2
Storm Guardians (10), Warlock, Enhance
Guardian Jetbikes (5), Warlock, Enhance, 1 Shuriken Cannon
Vyper Squadron (2), Holo Fields, Spirit Stones, Starcannon x2
War Walkers (2), Star Cannon x2, Bright Lance x2, Spirit Stones
War Walker, Star Cannons x2, Spirit Stones
Warp Spiders (6), Exarch with Power Blades

Ultramarines 7th Company:
Captain Vash Thalion, Master, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Iron Halo, Frags, Terminator Honors
Command Squad (6), Champion, Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Sergeant with Terminator Honors, Power Fist, x2 Marines with BP & CCW
-Rhino APC, Extra Armor, Smokes, Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter
Chaplain Claudius, Master of Sanctity, bolt pistol, jump pack, terminator honors, frags
Dreadnaught, twin linked lascannon, missil launcher, venerable
Tactical Squad Tyriel (10), Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Melta Gun
Tactical Squad Oscelo (10), Terminator Honors, Power Weapon, Plasma Gun, Missil Launcher
Tactical Squad Uriel (5), Lascannon
Tactical Squad Ramus (5), Missil Launcher
Assault Squad Herrion (6), Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol x3, Melta Bombs
Predator Annihilator, Pintle Mounted Heavy Bolters


There was a large administratum building in my lower right deployment zone and an Imperialis in the lower left in my deployment zone. There was an Ad Mech building in the upper right in the Eldar deployment zone. There was also a trench in the center of the Eldar DP and several small crahsed lander pieces scattered around the center of the board.


Dark Reapers went ontop of the Manufactorum with the Farseer below them. Storm Guardians into the trench with the Howling Banshees behind them. The War Walkers went behind the Banshees with the Vypers to their left. Warp spiders went between walkers and vypers. Squad Oscelo went into the Imperialis building on the left, Squad Tyriel went on the bottom two floors of the Administratum, Squads Uriel and Ramus took up the top two floors with several marines on the roof. The Dread and Predator went behind the Administratum, the Rhino with the command squad inside went behind the Imperialis building and the Assault Marines went behind the Rhino.

Turn 1:

I won the role but I made my brother go first hoping the reapers would not shoot me up too bad and he would come in range some. War Walkers moved right some, the Vypers moved left, Guardians and Banshees stayed in their positions. Farseer used fortune and guide on the Reapers. Reapers then let rip and together with the War Walkers took out squad Uriel and their Lascannon.

Rhino moved out, Assault marines hunkered behind it. Pred and Dread moved into the Administratum building, every unit in the Administratum fired on the reapers killing a grand total of 1. Squad Oscelo fired at the warp spiders but missed.

Cassualties so far:
1 Dark Reaper
5 Space Marines

Turn 2:

War walkers moved left some, vypers moved forward into range, since they had been out of range last turn. Gunfire downed only one member of squad Ramus and two assault marines. Rhino took a crew shaken but that would not stall the advance. Vypers killed two members of squad Oscelo. Warp spiders moved far up. Predator got toasted by the walkers.

Rhino moved forward and unloaded command squad. Assault marines moved up. Fire downed two of the War Walkers and immobolized the third. Gunfire downed two more Dark Reapers. Assault marines with chaplain charged the warp spiders, exarch managed to wound the chaplain once but the squad was wiped out and the assault marines moved into the Jetbikes.

Turn 3:


Storm Guardians moved to engage the Assault Marines as did the banshees. Walker fired but failed to wound anyone, vypers downed another member of squad Oscelo. In close combat the banshees failed to reach combat because the storm guardians blocked the path. Chaplain took another wound and 3 more of the Assault marines died. Sergeant Tyriel punshed through the warlock and another bike, Chaplain Claudius killed 3 Storm Guardians. Bikers and Storm Guardians failed morale, guardians got caught by initiative and run down, bikes escaped because none were left in base to base contact and fell back 10 inches leaving them 1 1/2 inches from the board edge. Claudius and Sergeant Tyriel swept towards the reapers.

Rhino and Command Squad moved and fired into the Banshees killing 2. Fire took down the remaining walker and knocked a gun off a vyper. Sergeant Tyriel and Chaplain Oscelo charged the Reapers wiping them out. Command Squad charged the banshees. Captain Thalion cut down the exarch while the rest of the command squad butchered the banshees, losing only one marine in the process.

Eldar conceded defeat and legged it. End game results:

Eldar Cassualties:
6 Warp Spiders- Full Points to Marines
7 Howling Banshees- Full Points to Marines
10 Sorm Guardians - Full Points to Marines
5 Dark Reapers- Full Points to Marines
3 War Walkers- Full Points to Marines
5 Jet Bikes- Full Points to Marines
Damaged Vyper- Half Points to Marines

Ultramarine Cassualties:
5 Assault Marines- Half Points to Marines
3 Tactical Marines From Squad Oscelo- No Points to Eldar
1 Tactical Marine from Squad Ramus- No Points to Eldar
5 Marines from Squad Uriel- Full Points to Eldar
1 Command Squad Marine- No Points to Eldar
Predator Annihilator- Full Points to Eldar
Wounded Chaplain- Half Points to Eldar

Result: Ultramarines Victory

Some final fluff:

Captain Thalion flicked the dead Eldar off his shimmering power sword. Looking around him he saw his command squad regrouping. Cassualties had been light. While Sergeant Uriel had been lost many of his marines would recover. Squad Herrion was also lucky, Apothecary Aurelius said several of the fallen would fight again as well. Few marines had been finished for good, Aurelius was already gathering their gene seed. As his marines formed up around him Captain Vash Thalion was satisfied that the battle had been executed with the speed and precision demanded by the Codex Astartes. The remaining Eldar would be cleaned out by the Imperial Guard. It was time to move on to the next war zone.

"Death to the Xenos!"

"In the 41st Millenium, there is only war."
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