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Ultramarines 7th Company
The Ultramarines 7th Company
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The Ultramarines 7th Company
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The rough background for the Ultramarines 7th Company and its most notable characters.

The 7th Companies history leading up to the appointment of Captain Thalion
The Ultramarines 7th Company has a fairly exemplary combat record despite its status as a reserve company. For several centuries following the first encounters with the Tyranids the 7th Company was forced to fight more as a battle Company. Over time the 7th Company became known for cleaning up the mess left in the wake of the larger campaigns in the Galaxy. Situations that, while the Imperial Guard could accomplish them the losses would be extreme and the wars would have taken ages. The 7th Company would be ordered to sweep in and destroy the backbone of each enemy before moving on.
Recently however the Companies former Captain was lost in battle against the Orks. Poor intelligence and mininformation suspected to have been engineered by a radical and tained inquisitor caused the Company to come under assault without support by immense numbers of Orks. The marines fought valiantly and held on for almost a week defending the narrow entrance of a cave complex. Just as the orks had found another way into the complex to overwhelm the marines the Imperial Guard arrived in force and the sheer weight of ordanance unleashed on the orks, who had compacted themselves into a narrow valley trying to get at the Ultramarines, turned the Ork forces into little more than pulverized meat. With the majority of the orks dead the surviving Ultramarines fought clear.
Despite this success all of the veterans in the company and all of its leadership had been cut down in their courageous last stand at the cave. Instead of field promoting an inapropriate marine a Veteran of the First Company was assigned as Captain of the 7th. Veteran Sergeant Vash Thalion.
Captain Vash Thalion of the Ultramarines 7th Company
Vash Thalion had been a scout during the first Tyrannic War which saw the arrival of Hive Fleet Behemoth. His courageous acts in fighting the Tyranids as a scout assigned to the 7th Company. During the war he was promoted to full Battle Brother and assigned to the 3rd Company to help replace its losses in the fighting. For several decades Vash Thalion fought with bolter and chainsword against the enemies if the Emperor. By the time the Battle for Ichar IV he was Sergeant of a Tactical Marine squad. His fighting in the battle earned him much respect in the upper echelons of the chapter and it would seem that his place in the First Company was assured with his promotion to Veteran Sergeant. However fate was not to allow such a thing. During the height of the fighting Sergeant Thalion was injected with a strange Tyranid poison after viciously combating a massive Hive Tyrant. Although he slew the creature it stabbed him with a strange bio-weapon. Only moments after his victory he collapsed on the verge of Death. Luckily for him however the Companies apothicary was nearby and immediately injected strong anti-venoms and other chemicals. Still it seemed like the Sergeant would surely die. The temporary stall of the poison was what saved Vash as his Sus-an Membrane kicked in and put him into a deep stasis. With his body all but shut down the effects of the Poison were slowed tremendously.
With all possible haste the wounded, including Sergeant Thalion were transported to the Chapter ship's medical facilities. On board the 3rd Company's Battle Barge the appothicaries managed to neutralize the poison. However despite the chapters best efforts Sergeant Thalion could not be roused. However instead of put him down he was kept alive on Macragge. Eventually Sergeant Thalion awoke from the chemical therapy. Just in time too it would seem. A crusade was being organized to destroy the fledgling Tau Empire. Freshly awoken Sergeant Thalion was assigned to the task force sent with the Crusade. Although the Crusade was ultimately unsuccessful Sergeant Thalion was promoted to the status of Veteran Sergeant and once again assigned to the 3rd Company. His dealings with the Tau were not over however and up till only recently he fought with Captain Ardias on the eastern fringe in several engagements involving the Tau. Most notably an incident involving the forces of chaos that saw the 3rd Company and the Tau uneasily ally on the planet of Dolumar IV.
Following the incident on Dolumar IV Veteran Sergeant Vash Thalion was newly assigned to the First Company and doned a suit of Tactical Dreadnaught Armor or Terminator Armor. For several years he fought as a Terminator marine in numerous engagements eventually becoming his squads Sergeant after the former officer was cut in half by a raging Chaos Lord who subsequently was crushed in a power fist and his head blown off by a concentrated volley. The marine responsible for the Chaos Lords death was none other than Vash Thalion.
After only 3 years as Sergeant Vash was promoted to the status of Captain of the 7th Company ironicly it would seem as that is the very company he began his service in the chapter in. Captain Thalion is however not too pleased with the reputation of the 7th as no more than a cleanup crew. While the common Imperial citizens know very little of the Angels of Death and the Battle Brothers of the Ultramarines and many other chapters would not dare impune the honor of a chapter so, other less honorable chapters have made slights at the Company's expence and some Inquisitors and even high ranking Guard and Navy officers have commented in such a poor light aswell. Captain Thalion does things differently than his predecessor. Not content with the simple role of the 7th Captain Thalion requested permission from Chapter Master Marneus Calgar to go on a long series of missions throughout the eastern fringe. Captain Vash Thalion suspects that there is more behind the rumours and slighting comments about the 7th than meets the eye and is determined to uncover the reason behind them. So far his investigations have seen him face the insane Orks and the calculating and dangerous Eldar. Pieces of the puzzle are begining to unfold and already he suspects that rogue agents of the Inquisition and the traitorous Alpha Legion are behind it somehow.
However events turn out it is obvious that Captain Vash Thalion is off to a good start and whatever happens the 7th Company will uphold the honor of the Ultramarines and the Imperium. For the Primarch and the Emperor!

"In the 41st Millenium, there is only war."
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