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Ultramarines 7th Company
About Me
About Me
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Well about me. My name is Sean and I have played 40k for over two years now, closing in on 3 if not there already. My first army was Tau which you can check out here: I decided to start Ultramarines now that I will be going to college. My Tau army is massively mechanized but I decided to do a more infantry based approach with my marines as Imperial tanks are far less maneuverable and durable than Tau skimmers I find.
I am an ex-scout. I attained the rank of Star before I really stopped attending. I went to Philmont High Adventure camp when I was 14. Now Im 18 and dont get out so often. I do own a .22 caliber rifle. Not much but its alright. I like to read and watch movies, I have a girlfriend, a younger brother. My dad is finally retired and my mom might do something similar soon. I have a dog named Terry whos also getting up in years. I used to do a lot of building with legos and clay and love both the modeling and gaming aspect of 40k. While I dont write so much right now I am also a big buff of the fluff for the game and do a lot of writing myself, I even intend to be an english major in college. What job Ill try for with that I have no clue but oh well. Even painting apeals to me a bit and my skills are slowly improving.
I have read a number of 40k books from the Black Library including, Dawn of War, Dawn of War Ascension, Angels of Darkness, the Space Wolf series, Farseer, most of the Ciaphis Cain novels and many more. Im currently reading Ultramarines Omnibus in preparation to start writing fluff for my own marine company. The Ultramarines 7th which this site heralds its begining.
Other than that I cant think of much to say about myself right now. Maybe Ill add more later, maybe not. In any case thats a short rundown of me and what I do.
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"In the 41st Millenium, there is only war."
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