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Story: The Irregulars

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Some fluff writing that I did end up using. The Irregulars are one of my best squads. Enjoy the read.

Shas'ui Gunny sat on the back of the Devilfish. Infront of him stood the jockingly named "irregulars." He had led the squad for only a few weeks but had already fought beside three races. The Human Gue'vesa named the misfit firewarrior squad and named its leader. Most other Tau looked down on them for this. Seeing them as not following the machine of the Tau military. It was true, his squad did not operate like a normal one. He had personally led his soldiers on suicide charges throwing their Devilfish transport at the enemy pel mel. After crashing headfirst into the Imperial lines his warriors had lept from their transport and viciously attacked every enemy in sight.

The strangest thing was, it worked. The Shas'Ar'tol was not happy about it either. The squad was formed of the few survivors of several differant squads from numerous cadres. Not only that some of the survivors were the crews of tanks. Fully a fourth of the squad was made up of the survivors of wrecked Hammerheads or Devilfish tanks. Soldiers that would not normally leap out to engage the enemy in a squad.

Gunny laughed as his soldiers pounded their rifles on their chests in preperation for the coming fight. They had to charge yet again. This time to draw out the enemy commander. That might not be so bad exept that this enemy was a Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnaught or so said the Gue'vesa who had seen it. A massive metal monstrousity capable of slaying his whole squad. Still they had to draw him... it out.

"Lets go boys!" ui'Gunny called to his troopers. Showing typical disregard for fashion the squad bumped and pushed in their haste to get in the transport. So hasty was their entry that Gunny dropped down and rolled under the tank to stay clear of the charging mass.

Once the other nine members of the squad were inside the Shas'ui pulled himself in.

"Last to arrive as usual." One of the troopers called out to him. The clank of several rifle buts smacking the soldier in the head echoed in the stark and clean interrior of the tank.

"First to be hit as usual." Gunny replied to the soldier turning to see two welts forming on the troopers brow. "Now, our mission is simple. Tank shock the enemy center and draw that blasted metal monster out from behind the ruins. Our accompanying hammerhead will take it out. Any questions?"

All hands flew into the air. Gunny turned to the first trooper. "Yes."

"Do we have to let the hammerhead kill it?" one of the former tank crewman asked.

"Yes, there is no chance that we can kill it ourselves." The shas'ui replied. "Yes what is it."

"Will there be marines there for us to kill?" Another trooper pipped in the rest bobbing their heads in agreement to the good question.

"Yes there will be, and most in the immediate vacinity carry heavy weopons." He said to the smilling soldier. "One more, yes."

"Are we expected to return sir?" Called one of the troopers raising a fist into the air.

"Nope, we are expected to die to the last man. But as usual we will prove that wrong..."

Cheers rang out through the ship cutting the shas'ui off. The pilot of the craft poked his head out of the cocpit. "Whats going on?" He asked his face puzled.

"KOVASH TAUVA!!!!" The raucus firewarriors shouted laughing histerically. The pilot just shrugged and went back into the cabin. Gunny could here him mutter: "Crazy, their all crazy."

A wide smile spread over the shas'uis face. As long as Shas'O Ximoro'An was their commander this group of lunatics would bring death to the enemies of the Tauva.

"Damn, I love this job."


"Bow to the cows."