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1500 points Tau vs Thousand Sons

Tau: "Ahoy there, Chaos dudes, where did all the Imperials go???"
Chaos: "I dunno, it looks like their on holliday."
Tau: "What do you want to do?"
Chaos: "How bout I stab you?"
Tau: "Ok then how bout I shoot you."
Chaos: "Oww, that hurt."
Tau: "Man that stings."
Both: *sigh* "this is boring."
There was no campaign fight today at all, there wasnt even a single Imperial player in sight, not one, nobody. There was the store manager with his Thousand Sons and myself. So out of boredom we decided to go at it and here are the lists:
Thousand Sons
Defiler, mutated hull, some other stuffs
Predator, mutated hull, some other stuffs
8 Man Rubric squad 1, chaos sorceror, doom bolt, other stuff
8 Man Rubric squad 2, chaos sorcerer, same as above
Chaos Sorcerer Lord and 4 man retinue, all the works
5 Man zombies, they count as one of the tzeentch daemons but converted as mutated zombies and painted like undead ultramarines they are really cool, this guy hates ultramarines.
Shas'O, fusion, plasma, shield, HWMT
12 Man Firewarrior Squad Alpha, bonded, shas'ui
12 Man Firewarrior Squad Beta, bonded, shas'ui
10 Man Firewarrior Squad Irregulars, bonded, shas'ui, photon grenades, devilfish with the works
7 Man Drone Squadron
2 Man Crisis Team, missil pod, burst cannon MT, shas'vre
Monat suite, missil pod, burst cannon, MT
6 Man Stealth Team, bonded, shas'vre
Hammerhead, railgun, SMS, drones and the usual
Hammerhead, railgun, Bursts, and the usual
Alright well this battle was odd and not so odd, there was a building in the center of my deploy and another on the right, burst HH went next to the Irregulars DF, Firewarrior alpha went into the building. Beta squad went into the left, gun drones in between, shas'o to the left of the drones, crisis suits right in with beta squad, SMS Railhead behind them. One rubric squad went into building on the left of chaos lines, defiler behind the building (OF course, bloody thing) predator went on the right, another rubric squad on its left and the sorcerer in between the two groups. There was a cathedral piece in the center. The mission was cleanse.
Turn 1:
Haha, hahaha... yea defiler shot, killed some firewarriors from beta squad. Predator shot but failed to kill anything, everything else moved up.
Squad alpha moved into the building and up onto the second floor, HH with bursts moved out and shot at Pred, stunned it, other HH moved out and stunned it again. Stealths lept out and shot the rubrics on the right, inflicted one wound. Crisis suits JSJ all over and shot allot but failed to wound anything. This guy is rolling nothing below 3s on his armor saves all day and nothing good on anything else, this was sooo strange.
Turn 2:
Yea yea, defiler shot but missed, sorcerer summoned zombies, rubrics shot and killed a stealth and all the rest.
Yay, pred goes down to railguns, shot and shot and shot and nothing would friggin die.
Turn 3:
Blam blam, fireing and lots of it, HH with SMS goes down, other HH stunned, blast it all. Drone squadron whipped out entirely.
WHY WONT THESE BLIGHTERS TAKE A WOUND!!! Ok I gave up shooting at the rubrics and instead turned my ire to the sorcerer lord and his retinue and blasted 2 of em away and wounded the lord.
Turn 4:
Oh that isnt good, zombies use psychic power... um doom bolt I think and all but the shas'vre of the stealths is gone but he is bonded so has a chance to turn around. 2 man crisis team gets psychic blasted and are pinned and opponent gets 50 VP.
Haha, submunition kills 4 of 5 zombies, more of the retinue dies, nothing else happens.
Turn 5:
Ahaha, die Tau die... well ok maybe not. Lots of shooting little dying, but I do lose a crisis suite.
I hate these buggers, they just dont want to take a wound, I remove another wound from the chaos lord, why wont he give up already? HH shoots at defiler and immobilizes it.
Turn 6:
Goodness, this isnt good, only the shas'vre of the crisis is killed.
WOOT, my Shas'O kills the chaos lord finally. Another commander kill for Ximoro'An, yea another. HH shoots at defiler but rolls a 2 and misses, (insert expletive). 2 rubrics die actually, finally.
Thousand Sons
3 rubrics killed
4 sorcerer retinue
Immobilized Defiler
2 Crisis suits
5 Stealth suits
3 Firewarriors
7 Gun Drones
Alright well this battle stunk, my rolls were terrible, just terrible. And my armor saves were also pretty bad, the stealths saves were utterly bad. Also the HH failing to take down the defiler the last 2 turns hurt as with that destruction I could have pulled a win, as it was the differance was 19 points, perhaps more or less but there deffinetly was not more than a 150 point differance which would make either side victorious. This was simply a pathetic exchange of fire with relatively few losses on each side and just a lot of wasted time.
As far as the campaign goes my entire army is sitting on the bloody cathedrals steps playing cards and waiting for the Imperials to get back from their lunch break. Chaos and Tau, unhappy allies in this campaign decided to take out their frustration on each other to utterly no avail.
On the other hand a lot of strange ppls showed up that made the day at least somewhat interesting and my plans for starting a Blood Ravens army is begining to form more solidly. Perhaps Ill be switching sides for the next campaign, I certainly hope so. The Imperials getting stomped time and again is getting annoying.
So anyway a fun clash of guns on guns that my Shas'O has survived through yet again and yet again has another commander kill to add to his record. Man this is becoming a recuring theme with him... yay, Im proud, if I could promote him I would.

"Bow to the Cows."