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Battle Report: And They Shall Know No Fear Part 2
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1000 Points Tau vs Manila (Dark Angels looking) Space Marines

Now the second battles lists:

Space Marines (Dark Angels)
Captain, terminator armour, power sword, storm bolter
Dreadnaught, DCCW, assasult cannon
10 Tactical marines, veteran sergeant, terminator honours, heavy bolter, plasma gun
9 Tactical Marines, veteran sergeant, terminator honours, plasma gun
Land Raider, hunter killer missil, storm bolter

Shas'O, FB, PR, SG, HW MT
Shas'ui, BC, MP, MT
Firewarriors (10), bonded, shas'ui, x2 Pulse Carbines, Devilfish APC
-Decoy Launchers, targeting array, multi tracker
Firewarriors (10), bonded, shas'ui, Devilfish APC
-Decoy launcheres, targeting array, multi tracker
Hammerhead Gunship, railgun, SMS, multi tracker, decoy launchers
Hammerhead Gunship, railgun, SMS, multi tracker, decoy launchers

Alright this time I actually had a mission, I was the attacker in a blitz senario. The enemy had a large bunker on the right, a smaller one on the left and some scattered buildings and razer wire. I deployed my Devilfish behind a building with one Hammerhead on the left and the other on the right with the battlesuits between the right HH and the DFs. Secret deployment was in play but the dread went behind the smaller bunker on the left, the 10 man squad in the right bunker, the Land Raider with the captain and remaining marines inside went behind the right bunker.

Turn 1:
I couldnt move so instead I just shot. Both Hammerheads dropped a submunition on the 10 man squad. 7 marines under each template, 12 of the 14 hit. 7 of those failed their armor saves. The marines rolled double 6s to fall back. I was standing there in shock and awe...

Space Marines
Land Raider rolled out and tried to shoot me down but failed both lascannon shots failed to damage anything.

Turn 2:
Everything moved up and I shot at the Land Raider to no avail.

Space Marines
Land raider stayed put but failed to damage anything.

Turn 3:
Railguns blew up the Land Raider and shot down 3 marines.

Space Marines
Dread walked out finally and blew off a railgun.

Turn 4:
Moved up and shot down all but the captain from the Land Raiders passenger squad.

Space Marines
Dread assaulted my rail-less-head but did nothing. Captain couldnt make it into assault range.

Turn 5:
My transports emptied and the dread fell to small arms fire on its rear armor, my forces took off two wounds from the captain and my Shas'O finished him off. Hammerhead smart missils and a submunition finished off the last 3 marines.


Space Marine cassualties
Terminator Captain
19 Tactical Marines
Land Raider

Tau cassualties
Hammerhead missing its Railgun

Again another victorious slaughter... two in a row.

Alright well the battles for today were um... melodramatic. They were far too easy, absolutely no challenge and ya know what writing up these reports and posting them has taken more effort than the actual playing of the battles and winning them... thats not right. Not much to learn from these exept that I am entirely sick of killing marines... or perhaps its not the marines fault but the simple lack of a challenge... Im winning yes, but its not that fun. Its too easy, I would rather be torn apart and have a challenge than just win like this again and again and again. I need to find some more competition.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the reports, my commander now has a Terminator Captain and Librarian to add to his kill record aswell as another venerable dread (the last one was space wolf... *shrug*). The Or'es Shi has another two victories under its belt. Not bad, the Tau have finally stopped playing cards and gone out to kick some ***, the forces of the Tau'va have thrust forward into the jungle city. Pretty good for one days efforts.

"Bow to the Cows."