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First part of a new story Im writing on oddball veteran Firewarriors and their adventures. Kill Team esque.

“In the society of the Tau Fire caste there are some areas of its organization where those who just do not… fit in go. These specialized positions and units are not that uncommon now that the Tau have forged into space and begun encountering all of its horrors. The XV-15 and XV-25 Stealth suits are examples of this. The stealth suits are piloted by Shas who are not suited to continued progression in rank or assignment to crisis teams. These Firewarriors are lone wolves who do not function well within the rigid planning and structure of the rest of the Tau military. Broadside or Xv-88 battlesuits are another example. These Firewarriors have an innate ability for heavy weaponry and would be no better suited to serving in crisis teams than XV-15 users. Sniper Drone spotters, Monat Crisis suite pilots, and Pathfinders are all examples of this. Each is just as unsuited to main line and standard duty as any others but each has found his or her own niche in the Tau military whether it be putting their love of big guns to devastating use against the enemy or infiltrating behind enemy lines cut off from the main Tau forces they have each found their place in society.”


“However, there are some who just do not fit in anywhere. Firewarriors who have developed strange quirks of habit and nature that are simply ill suited to any position within the Tau military. With the increased contact with hellish foes there have been more and more Firewarriors who begin to lose their way, who become unsuited to continued service in the main Tau military force. What to do with them however became a more difficult problem, as was identifying these individuals.”


“So it was that roughly not long ago Shas’O Ximoro’An of the Or’es Shi contingent, based from Dal’yth and serving with the commerce protection fleet prior to the third sphere expansion, created a new unit. There are always missions where sending in an army would not do, where great, heroic and often suicidal acts must be accomplished by a handful of individuals. For these tasks O’An created the Mont’yr Shas, the Blooded Fire. A team of hand picked individuals who were, because of their experiences in battle, no longer normal, or able to serve as their comrades did. These Firewarriors were allowed free access to all weapons they could use, given the best equipment possible, formed into teams and dispatched on suicidal missions and… they succeeded. They succeeded not once, but again, and again, and again. Before long other cadres had begun to adopt this practice forming their own Mont’yr Shas teams. Now the formation and use of these specialized teams of unusual Firewarriors has spread across the empire and has become a generally accepted military practice by the Shas’Ar’Tol… trooper are you listening to me?”


“Huh?! Yes Shas’vre I’m listening.” Shas’la Rel said snapping out of his nap.


“Do you understand why you are being told this?” Shas’vre Quen’Ta asked rapping a simple metal pointer against his hand as he glared down at la’Rel.


“Because… because… I don’t know.” Rel replied casting his eyes down in shame.


“It is because you are being offered the choice to join such a team.” Vre’Ta said, a wry smile stretching across his face.


“I’m being given the choice to join?” Rel blurted out before he could stop himself.


“Yes Shas’la, the choice. No-one is forced to join, there is no duty to join, there is no order, or assignment, only the recommendation.” Vre’Ta said beginning to pace. “These teams require you to accept your position completely, the missions you will be sent on in such a team will be near suicidal.”


“But your also saying I am not suited to service anywhere else, aren’t you?” la’Rel asked staring Vre’Ta in the eye.


“Yes, Shas’la that is what the Shas’Ar’Tol is saying.” Vre’Ta said turning away. “One day you might find your place, assignment to the Mont’yr Shas is not permanent and you can resign anytime.”


“If I live to have that chance.” La’Rel said leaning back in his seat.


“Indeed.” Vre’Ta responded staring idly at a simple fresco on the wall of the briefing room. “So… what is your decision?”


“Ill do it.” La’Rel said nodding slowly as he did so. “It is for the greater good, so I will do it. There is no question.”


“Very well then return to your quarters. Your transport will pick you up tomorrow morning.” Vre’Ta said turning sharply.


“Yes sir.”




"They may be strange but they can be powerful. Let us not throw this asset away but channel it into a proper destructive force against the enemy. Waste not!"
-Shas'O Ximoro'An on Mont'yr Shas Kill Teams