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1000 points Tau vs Daemonhunters

Okay this battle was more interesting. I was against the daemonhunter player at the hobby shop. I like playing him because he is what you would call a worthy and honorable opponent. After playing the IG I had about an hour and twenty minutes left. It took us 5 minutes to get the mission picked and the board set up. Another 15 to pick army lists and deploy our forces. We started turn 1 at 5:00, we had finished turn 3 by 5:30. At 5:55 we were at the bottom of the 5th turn and the end result was apparent and the game declared a Tau victory. Here is why, army lists:

Inquisitor, plasma cannon, sanctioned psyker and 3 other guys of which 2 were IG.
Plasma Lance Strike
Melta Lance Strike
Storm Troopers (10), sergeant, rhino
Storm Troopers (10), sergeant, rhino
Skull Faces assasine, eversor I think

Shas'O, fusion, plasma, shield, HW multi
Shas'Vre, burst, missil, multi
Shas'Vre... same as above
Firewarrior squad (12) Bonded, shas'ui
Firewarrior squad, same as above
Firewarrior squad, bonded, shas'ui, 2 carbines, Devilfish, photon grenades
Hammerhead, rail, SMS, multi, decoy

This was a take and hold, bunker at the center. A building to the right and left of my deployment, another two in my opponents deploy. A hill and other assorted things nearby. I deployed with one firewarrior squad in the right building, another in the left, the devilfish behind a ruined cathedral in the center of my deploy, the suits and hammerhead drones to the right of it. Hammerhead behind the left building. One rhino went behind his right building, another behind his left, the inquisitor in some ruins slightly to the left of center in his deploy. Assasine infiltrated nearby my right firewarrior squad.

Turn 1:
Daemonhunters... was there any doubt?
Rhinos moved forward. Assasine charged my right squad, killed 1, they stuck but inflicted no wounds. Inquisitor could see nothing.

Battlesuits moved up toward the objective. Devilfish stayed put. I was trying to hold it back until the threat of the plasma cannon was gone. Firewarriors on the left fired at the rhino and did nada. Hammerhead did nothing.

Turn 2:
Left rhino had 2 IG pop out the top and hit my hammerhead. They glanced it but rolled a 1. I was shocked and happy. Lance strike plasma came in. Guess what it was keyed on the cathedral. Directly hit my devilfish, but rolled a 1 on the damage chart. Shaken but not stirred, hahahaha. Not only that the assasine killed 3 more firewarriors but my firewarriors killed it! That was friggin amazing.

Hammerhead legged it backwards, Devilfish forward and to the right. Firewarriors to the right couldnt hit anything. Warriors on the left stunned the rhino. Crisis suits stunned the other rhino.

Turn 3:
Other lance strike came in, melta this time. It cought the devilfish and took it down. 2 firewarriors snuffed it. IG on the right got out. Inquisitor stood around some more.

Hammerhead came back forward, left FWs took down the rhino and 4 IG, smart missils killed another, railgun missed. Crisis suits killed a few IG, FWs on the right did the same.

Turn 4:
IG on the left were still stuck, on the right moved forward. Lance strikes missed, Inquisitor ran out some.

Hammerhead pegged 4 of the inquisitors troops. Crisis suits and firewarriors killed more IG.

Turn 5:
Inquisitor ran forward some more, IG did the same, they shot at the hammerhead drones but failed to kill anything.

... this was where the game was ended. The IG had no hope of getting to the objective and rooting out my suits.

This game was not only quick but relatively simple. This is why I like playing this opponent, every time he changes tactics so its a new fight, on top of that he goes fast and there is very little complicated rules questions as some players like to do that take a lot of time. If he had fielded sisters of battle this fight would have certainly been different, he might not have won but still. Next week the points will be 1250 so things might start to get more interesting. At 1500 our positions will likely be reversed.

I was amazed my Firewarriors held out or that my hammerhead and devilfish survived that turn. My Devilfish still got downed but well... *shrug*. Another victory for the Tau. The campaign map is looking very strange now. My army is thrusted so far forward its very strange. Though my position is solid thanks to last week. This is starting to get good. Maybe next week when I dont have a headache Ill smash my way into the center of the Imperial city, right now Im on the outskirts.

"Bow to the cows."