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Battle Report: And They Shall Know No Fear Part 1

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1000 Points Tau vs DIY Space Marines

And They Shall Know No Fear for they are already dead. Today was my first back at the hobby shop in 3 weeks. Today I fought two battles against whata ya know, space marines. The first was a DIY chapter whos name I cant remmember and the second was a manilla army painted superbly as dark angels.

First up the DIY army which was using Take the Fight to the Enemy and whatever trait gives furious charge. Never made a difference though, heres the lists and why:

Space Marines:
Librarian plasma pistol
Chaplain plasma pistol
6 Tactical Marines with bolt pistols and close combat weapons, veteran sergeant with plasma pistol and power sword
6 Tactical Marines with bolters, veteran sergeant with plasma pistol and power sword, melta gun
5 Scouts
1 Dreadnaught, venerable, twin linked lascannon, dread close combat weapon
3 Drop Pods with something launcher

Shas'O, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Shield Gennerator, Hard wired multi tracker
Shas'ui, Burst Cannon, Missil Pod, Multi Tracker
Firewarrior Team Irregulars (10), shas'ui, bonded, x2 Pulse Carbines, Devilfish APC
-Decoy launcher, multi tracker, targeting array
Firewarrior Team Alpha (10), shas'ui, bonded, Devilfish APC
-Decoy launcher, multi tracker, targeting array
Hammerhead Gunship, railgun, SMS, multi tracker, decoy launchers
Hammerhead Gunship, railgun, SMS, multi tracker, decoy launchers

(Note: All observations on location are done from my perspective)

The Space Marine scouts went into a building on the far right of their deployment. There was some scafolding like building at the center of the board and the rest of the terrain is pretty much pointless as it never came into play. My Tanks kept their rears to the board edge the 2 Devilfish on the left and the Hammerheads at center. The suits between the two groups.

Turn 1:
Space Marines
Nothing, they did absolutely nothing, oh well their loss.

Submunitioned 4 of the scouts unto death. Hammerheads skimmed along the right, Devilfish moved up the left all rear armor toward the edge the battlesuits stayed along with the transports.

Turn 2:
Again nothing.

Killed the last scout, tanks continued moving the same way they were in the last turn, HHs to the right, transports up the left with the suits.

Turn 3:
Space Marines
All 3 Drop Pods arrive, the Dread comes down infront of the HHs just out front of the building the scouts had occupied. Chaplain with the close combat marines drops in just above my transports, librarian and other marines below my transports. Shooting say no results at all save a stunned Hammerhead.

Un Stunned HH skimmed up some more and stunned the Dread. One transport skimmed to the right and dumped troops out the back the other skimmed down and did the same, battlesuits moved some down. I was trying to do this so I would not be cought in assault and tear up one drop pod group before the other. Firewarriors and transports whiped out the tacticals, Shas'O killed the Librarian.

Turn 4:
Space Marines
Chaplain led the tacticals down towards my troops, drop pods missed. Shooting shook a fish. I lost one Firewarrior to bolt pistols.

Lower Firewarrior team mounted up and fish skimmed forward and to the right, the other transport skimmed forward alongside its sister ship to form a wall, un mounted team walked forward and dumped fire into the marines killing 3. Battlesuits stunned the closer drop pod. Railguns stunned the dread again.

Turn 5:
Space Marines
Chaplain and marines tried charging the transports but did nothing.

Killed off remaining tacticals, Shas'O took a wound off the chaplain and the rest of the army took off the rest. 20 Firewarriors tend to do that. I had unloaded the second squad. Dread finally blew up.

Turn 6:
Space Marines
All remaining guns went wiff.

Destroyed one drop pod, immobilized another, wonderful.


Space Marine Cassualties
12 Tactical Marines
5 Scouts
Venerable Dread
Drop Pod

Tau Cassaulties:
1 Firewarrior

Results: Victorious Slaughter... far too easy

"Bow the Cows."