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Sabotage Mission, 1500pts Tau Defender, Space Marine Attacker

Well today the manager at the hobby shop seemed to want my army to die so he made me the defender in a sabotage mission. The board setup had this rather large piece of bridge over a small river in the rough center of the board and several small buildings to the right of it. All other terrain didnt mater. Army lists were as follows:
Space Marines
Captain, power weapon, bolter
Chaplain, terminator armor
Terminator Squad (5), heavy flamer
Tactical Squad (10), melta gun, plasma gun, plasma pistol, krak grenades
Tactical Squad (10), melta gun, plasma gun, plasma pistol, krak grenades
Scout Squad (5), bolt pistols & close combat weapons
Scout Squad (5), 4 sniper rifles
Fast Attack:
Landspeeder, multi melta
Assault Squad (5), power fist
Heavy Support:
Devastator squad (10), 3 lascannons, plasma cannon, sergeant, power fist
Shas'O, FB, PR, SG, HW MT
Shas'el, PR, CIB, TA, HW MT
Shas'ui, team leader, PR, MP, TA, HW MT
Shas'ui, team leader, PR, MP, TA, HW MT
Stealth team (6)
Firewarriors (10), shas'ui, bonding knife
-Devilfish, MT, TA, DL
Firewarriors (10), shas'ui, bonding knife, x2 pulse carbines
-Devilfish, MT, TA, DL
Heavy Support:
Hammerhead, Rail, BC, MT, TL, DL
Hammerhead, Rail, BC, MT, TL, DL
Hammerhead, Ion, BC, MT, TL, DL
Space marines deployed sniper scouts in lower building, other scouts below I had a line of drone sentries along their deployment both HQs went on either side of the objective with troops in devilfish infront. Rest all in reserves
Turn 1:
Space Marines
Snipers shot down one sentry, other scouts assaulted another sentry and set off the alarm.
[i]technicly afterwards looking at the mission he could have deployed his full army should he have wished to do so at this point[/i]
Lower devilfish with carbine troops skimmed down, dropped out troops and fired on scouts, killing all of them, other DF took out one sniper scout.
Turn 2:
Space Marines
This is where it gets really, really ugly, terminators, both tac squads, whirlwind, landspeeder,assault marines and the devastators all come in leaving just his captain still in reserves. At this point I am royally screwed unless luck really favors me... which it doesnt. First Tac squad deployes where the scouts had been, other deploys right infront of a small pond where my second DF is floating, Devs go into the building in center of their deploymenat and spread out a lot, terminators next to the lower tac squad, assault marines on their other side, Landspeeder deploys above second tac squad. Both DF stunned, terminators flame and kill most of the unloaded fish but also catch two other terminators and my only lucky result of the game... he rolls snake eyes and two terminators go down to their own flamer. The mirth of this is short lived. Rest of firewarriors go down to bolters.
One Railhead comes in and remarkably is stuck on the other side of the board. Stealths, both crisis and both other hammerheads stuck in reserves. Now I am really, really in a bind as my army is simply being washed around by a tide of marines and with less than half of my army deployed I dont have the firepower to hold them back from the objective. Shas'O and Shas'el shoot down all terminators and wound chappy, Firewarriors deploy from second fish and blow down landspeeder. I deploy the drones from both stunned fishes, southern one shoots and assaults lower squad, northern group shoots marines then uses assault move to land right infront of the devastators just to be a pain. Hammerhead takes down 3 marines from southern squad.
Turn 3:
Space Marines
Assault squad catches shas'el, northern tac squad rolls 6 for difficult terrain movement then 6 for assault catching my Firewarriors, Devs fail their target priority test and are forced to fire all their guns on the two drones, haha. Southern drones go down to the chappy, shas'el falls and assault marines consolidate onto the objective.
One crisis suite and both other hammerheads come in but are now very far behind in the battle but luckily thanks to sheer speed get in range of the assault marines and shoot down 4, the Devilfish take out a few marines and Shas'O tries to kill last assault marine both in shooting and then assault and even though he inflicts 4 wounds the marine saves them all and wins combat.
Marines in combat with objective all turn, its destroyed, marines instantly win.
Tau Cassualties
20 Firewarriors
4 Drones
Space Marine Cassualties
5 Terminators
4 Assault Marines
6 Marines
5 Scouts
In short I hate missions like this as they can so easily be lopsided and unsurprisingly my reign of bad luck was just blatantly obvious today. In retrospect I should have ditched the Fish's and bulked up on every Firewarrior I have and set up a massive gunline of bodies to delay long enough for my Hammerheads and suits to show but... oh well. The marine player was very lucky in his roles today, mine sucked, the objective was bad for my army and in general oh well. Tacticly there wasnt a whole lot more I could have done and I cant identify any major tactical errors aside from my list, just given the objective luck determined all and 600 odd points of my army wasnt able to stop 1400 points of marines from smashing through. If I had managed to kill the assault sergeant and then the reduced  tactical squad next turn I could have probably pulled a win but as was luck decided all and my gamble failed.
This is why I dislike objective missions. Eh Ill just have to play a rematch next weekend if I get the opportunity.

"Well... that just plain sucks."
-Ximoro'An after... well ya.