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Rules for Veteran Firewarrior teams or Kill Teams depending on what you want to say.

Mont'yr Shas Team 0-1 Troops choice
Veterans: The squad is made up of veteran Firewarriors, each team member must pay an aditional 2pts to gain +1 BS. Aditionally because of their veteran status the squad may not count as one of the compulsory troops choices.
Squad: Squad consists of one shas'ui and between 5 and 11 shas'la.
Equipment: Pulse Rifle
Options: Any number of the team may exchange their Pulse Rifle for a Pulse Carbine at no extra cost. Up to two members of the team may exchange their Pulse Rifle for a Burst Cannon at +10pts. Up to two aditional members may exchange their Pulse Rifle for a Rail Rifle and Target Lock for +10pts. The team may be equipped with photon grenades for +1pt per model and EMP grenades at +3pts per model.
Character: The Shas'ui team leader if equipped with a Pulse Rifle or Carbine may buy a markerlight at +10pts. The team leader also has access to the infantry armory. The Shas'ui may exchange his Pulse Rifle for a pair of Pulse Pistols (not twin linked) for +5pts.
Transport: If the squad numbers 12 or less models they can be mounted in a Devilfish transport.
Despite the low points cost for the the weapon upgrades the team is balanced by the increased cost, they can get quite pricey, their limited numbers and the fact that they cannot be one of the compulsory troops all adds to their cost. In addition they also die just as easy as normal Firewarriors and will run just as often. Thus despite increased offencive capabilities and cost they have no aditional defences. Thus they can end to be one trick ponies and after doing some damage they will instantly become high priority targets and be blown to shreds. So be warned this squad can be fun but its not all powerful and will die just as easily as normal, cheap Firewarriors.

++Consider it done++
-Common reply from Mont'yr Shas teams