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The first piece of the Or'es Shi's fluff for the Medusa V Campaign.

The battlesuite rocketed along the narrow street, tracer fire outlining its silhouette as the war machine raced to the mouth of an alley. Reaching the more confined space the jetpacks flared lifting the machine up into the air, rising towards the rooftops.


“He’s not going to make it”


“Shh, be quite and watch”


The jets whined as they began to reach their limits. The red warning light was flashing inside the cockpit.


“He is going to plane out and fall,” Ui’Gullanon whispered watching the monitor.


“Oh stop being so pessimistic and pay attention, you might learn something,” Ren’va countered arms folded across his chest and a wry smile playing across his face.


A hardened foot smashed into the wall of the alley and kicked off as the engines shut off to avoid exploding. The battlesuite twisted as it rose and flipped backwards landing on the top of the roof with a loud crunch. Masonry shattered under the hard impact and a chunk of the rooftop fell away to shatter on the ground below. The battlesuite twisted on its heels and took off bounding over the roof and with a short flare of the jets leaping across the street to land on the next in line. The fleet figure sped over the broken city with a speed belying its size.


“There, what did I tell you?” Ren’va said turning to his companion in the monitoring station.


“Alright, alright are you going to contact him now?” Ui’Gullanon said a touch of embarrassment entering his tone.


++Shas’O come in… Shas’O are you listening?++


The battlesuite skidded to a stop, feet digging grooves into the rock.


++This is O’An what do you have to report?++


++The Fio tell me that the equipment is loaded and the contingent is ready to board, we have finished disengaging and the reinforcements have taken up positions, the planet should still be contested long after our business is finished elsewhere++


++Wonderful way of putting it el’Va++


++Well you know, someone has to be optimistic about things. In any case there is no point waiting around here any longer, the coalition cant be kept waiting.++


++Of course, I’m on my way++


++Affirmative, oh and by the way, how did you exercise go, the fio fix that suite all up for ya?++


++Yea, its as good as new, notify the squad leaders to start boarding.++


++Yes sir, Ren’va out…++


As the line went dead O’An turned the sensor array on top of his suite to face the star port. It was alive with activity as Mantas and Orca drop ships lifted off carrying his troops to the starships above. They were headed to Medusa V on the orders of Aun’O Mont’shi himself. The supply ships had come bearing messages and some rather interesting new equipment, among it a new battlesuite for him and personal orders to redeploy immediately. Oh well, such was life in the empire. He turned and gunned his jets bounding from roof top to roof top towards the space port and the transport that would take him to yet another war.

"Here we go, off to yet another war."
-Ximoro'An at the recieval of Mesusa V assignment.