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750 point breakout, Tau vs Black Templars

Well its been almost 2 months since I participated in the campaign (life sucks atm what can I say) and as it would happen when I checked in today the Tau are not doing so well and a breakout was necessary. Without the Or'es Shi it would seem the Tau offencive is faltering. So I was stuck in a breakout mission with the jungle fight rules against black Templars at 750 points, the lists were as follows:

Shas'O, plasma rifle, fusion blaster, shield gennerator, HW MT
Shas'ui, plasma rifle, missil pod, multi tracker
Firewarrior Team Alpha 8, shas'ui, bonded
-Devilfish APC, DL, TA, MT
Firewarrior Irregulars Team 8, shas'ui, bonded
-Devilfish APC, DL, TA, MT
Hammerhead, Ion Cannon, SMS

Black Templars:
Castelan, terminator armor, storm bolter, power fist
-Terminator command squad (5) 2 assault cannons
Emperors Champion
Dreadnaught, assault cannon, DCCW
Crusader (tactical) squad (10)
Crusader (combat) squad (5) lascannon

Alright so the champion, dread and 10 man squad went on the right, the lascannon combat squad and the terminators went on the left. I set up in the middle with my 2 fish towards the bottom and the Shas'O and Shas'ui between them and my Ionhead above. There was a hill to my right and a trail leading into a clearing and another trail going off it to the board edge. The termies sat under the trail the combat squad over. The other group is utterly inconsiquential and heres why:

Turn 1:
I know I know I got first turn but its very hard not to in a breakout mission for the attacker. So I sat there looking right and left, right and left. I ended up deciding that the left was easier as I had plenty of termie killers. So I skim to the left my crisis suits bouncing into the trail and my Hammerhead sitting just in the clearing above my Devilfish who were in a line. Devilfish pour fire into the tac squad and kill 3 of them the Ionhead fires at the termies and does nothing. SMS do nothing.

Black Templars
Lascannon goes whif and nothing happens, termies come forward and shoot at fish, shake it. Dread, Champion and 10 man squad walk forward.

Turn 2:
Un shaken fish skims over dumping Alpha squad out back who lets it rip on combat squad and it goes boom. Ionhead skims down and goes above the terrain dumping fire into the termies, nothing happens. Shas'O kills 2 terminators. Devilfish kills another 2. 1 Terminator left and the castelan who run forward at the tank.

Black Templars
Dread, Champion and 10 man squad run forward, terminators try and take down the HH but fail.

Turn 3:
Alpha squad loads up and both fish skim off the board to safety. Ionhead moves almost to the edge but stays in to cover the suits. Shas'ui kills a terminator. Shas'O kills the Castelan. Yet another commander to add to his record.

Black Templars
Dread, Champion and 10 man squad try to rush to sight and shoot the crisis suits but cant get there.

Turn 4:
HH and both the Shas'O and Shas'ui almost skip off the board edge. Game Over.

Black Templars lost 5 Tactical marines and 5 terminators aswell as their terminator castelan. Tau lost absolutely nothing and got everyone successfully off the board. Well and above the mission objective. Crushing Victory for the Tau!

However this was almost utterly too easy. Not only did my opponent have to split his forces but being fully mechanized I could have utterly ignored his troops and just skimmed off the board if I wish. Only because I wanted to did I stick around and kill his command squad and the combat squad. There was no challenge it was jungle fight and a foot slogging split force against an all mechanized one in break out and the mechanized army had skimmers. The odds were just amazingly stacked in my favor. So a very unsatisfying fight and I most likely wont get to go back to the campaign for yet another month. Well perhaps Ill be able to give the Dark Crusade a go at the Springfield GW.

"Bow to the Cows."