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1000 points Tau vs Daemonhunters.

OK this was a take and hold mission. The objective was a small bunker at the center of the board. In front of that bunker on my side was a ruined landraider and on the other side and slightly to the left was a small ruined house. A couple of hills sat along the left board edge and a few sacattered bits of unimportant terrain to the right.

The army lists are as follows:

Inquisitory & Retinue plasma gun, plasma rifle, sanctioned psyker and other stuffs.
x10 Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, rhino transport
x10 Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, rhino transport
x15 Sisters of Battle
Assasine...*shrug* the deep striking gal, Ive got to remember that name sometimes.

Shas'O, fusion, plasma, shield, HW multi
Shas'vre, burst, missil, multi
Shas'vre, burst, missil, multi
x12 Firewarriors, bonded, shas'ui
x12 Firewarriors, bonded, shas'ui
x10 Firewarriors, bonded, photon grenades, x2 Carbines, devilfish
Hammerhead, railgun, SMS, multi, decoy, gun drones

I deployed my hammerhead behind a hill to the left of my line, the devilfish next to it, the Shas'O had the 2 gun drones from the hammerhead on either side, the shas'vre behind him to the left and right forming a wing of units. The first firewarrior squad was behind a crater area to the far right, the other squad left of them.

The Inquisitor set up behind the building near the bunker, the rhinos lined up to the right of that building to storm forward, the sisters to the left of the building also to storm forward. The Hunters got the first turn.

Turn 1:
The rhinos rolled forward near the bunker, the inquisitor into the building and the sisters forward.

The Hammerhead zoomed forward, the devilfish forward and slightly to the left. The suits and drones forward and to the right, the right warrior squad moved into the crater the left stayed put to fire. The left Firewarriors took down the right hand rhino and it blew up killing 5 guardsmen. The Devilfish took out the other killing a couple of guardmen. The Hammerhead killed 3 Sisters with a submunition. On retrospect I should have fired at the inquisitor and blown him apart. Oh well thats hindsight for ya.

Turn 2:
The assasine came in right next to my right firewarrior squad. The IG ran forward toward the bunker, sisters came forward and popped the hammerhead. Assasine tore through my firewarrior squad then tried to hide from return fire.

The assasine fell to my battlesuits, the remaining firewarrior squad ran forward and rapid fired at the guardsmen. The Devilfish went forward a few inches and dropped the warriors behind. They rapid fired into the sisters and managed to break them at least temporarily. The devilfish and drones fired into the guardsmen. The rest of the crisis suits killed a few guardsmen and one of the squads broke, never to return.

Tlurn 3:
The sisters turned around, the Inquisitor took down 9 of the 10 devilfish squad and the sisters popped the devilfish. The guardsmen tried to consolidate their position.

My remaining firewarrior squad ran up and rapid fired into the last guard unit killing a few and breaking them. The devilfish drones moved towards the bunker to try and stay hidden. The crisis suits broke the sisters again and killed a few of the inquisitors goons.

Turn 4:
The guard ran some more, sisters turned around again. Inquisitor halved my remaining firewarrior squad and broke them.

Killed more sisters and they broke... again, more inquisitor goonies, FWs fell back more.

Turn 5:
Sisters turned back... again, oh this was getting tiresome. Inquisitor couldnt hit the drones, they had hidden behind the ruined rhinos. The retreating guardsman tried to kill the drones but failed badly.

Well more things died, Firewarriors very close to the board edge now. Nothing else to say.

Turn 6:
Well they had nothing to shoot at... at all.

I moved forward, it was apparent I could get 4 scoring units into the objective and still kill more things, I didnt even bother to roll for the remaining firewarriors check. The game was ended and I was declared victor. There was no point finishing, at the bottom of turn 6 it was over there was nothing the Daemonhunters could do and no way I couldnt obtain my objective.

A VICTORY FOR THE TAU... but lets look at this. Cassualties are as follows:

17 of 20 Guardsmen
7 of 15 Sisters
4 of 9 Inquisitor henchmen
2 rhinos
1 assasine

25 of 32 Firewarriors
...nothing else but thats nasty as is.

So we had each killed 25 troops and 2 tanks. Just I was in a better position at the end. That little piece of junked landraider saved the day for me providing easy cover for my formation of jump troops. My suits and drones saved the day. The Imperials new tactic proved difficult and effective but nevertheless they could not stand against the Tau.

"Bow to the cows."