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A short propoganda piece for the Medusa V Campaign.

++Message Intercepted++
++Location: Tau Space++
++Subject: Medusa V Coalition Arming++

Broadcast opens with a por'hui broadcaster walking slowly onto screen. Several drones of an unidentified type float up mounted with screens and begin displaying sweeping images of the Tau armada preparing to depart. Rows of Firewarriors march aboard transports while tank after tank file onto Manta's and cargo ships. Crisis suits bound along in tight formations some boarding Orca dropships, others inspecting the loading. Stores of munitions and supplies are constantly being loaded on board military vessels. After a few moments of this display the broadcaster begins to speak.

"My fellow Tau, as you may already know the brave warriors of the Fire Caste have begun their march on the planet known as Medusa V. It is their hope to gather useful information there for the greater good of the empire. Yet the other mighty races of the galaxy are marching there aswell. Each with their own goals in mind. The trials ahead will be fierce and the future uncertain. Despite the danger and the odds against them the Fire Caste embark on this journey for the Empire, for the Greater Good. May fortune be with them."

At this point the broadcaster walks out of view and the screen changes to show scenes of battles. Review of the data does not reveal their location but it is suspected some is taken from Nimbosa and other battlegrounds. Each scene displays images of the Tau military crushing its foes. Doubtless more brain washing propoganda from the Tau Empire. Nevertheless their forces bearing down on Medusa V will likely cause problems and I urge the Imperium to take swift action.

Your humble servant,

Genetor, Falos Kirsk

"They are arrogant these... Space Marines but they shall soon learn their place."
-Shas'O Ximoro'An prior to the annihilation of the Golden Hornets fifth company.