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Here you will find the pics of my army fully painted.


Above: The famous Irregulars, my crazy assault Firewarrior squad that always ends up under the most fire and returning it in kind. These guys take some of the worst cassualties in my army but they do their job well.
Below: Well this is my battlesuite wing, I usually have all my battlesuits form into one attack group with the drones so here they are, My Shas'O, a Shas'Vre, and 2 Shas'ui.



Above: This is me... I mean my commander, he represents me on the battlefield. Armed with the deadly Fusion Blaster and Plasma Rifle he is a force to be reckoned with. He is also protected by a Shield Gennerator giving him great survivability, though at a high cost. I love this dude and he really gets things done.
Below: My two Hammerheads armed with their Railguns, one with Burst Cannons and the other with the Smart Missil System, they aid each other, the Burst armed one usually forming up to aid the Irregulars and the other with my Commander. They perform well in many ways, good, versatile and powerful.



Above: Firewarrior Squad Alpha, this is one of my fire base squads that will be mechanized in the near future.
Below: Firewarrior Squad Beta, the other fire base squad, this one will also be getting mechanized as soon as possible.




Above: My stealth suits and kroot, these dont often get fielded in my army as they usuall dont have a good place to function.
Below: The Gun Drone Squadrons or otherwise known as the disks of doom. These little beuties really are underestimated and are great at what they do, which is well... a lot.



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