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1350 points Tau vs Orks

Well I finally, finally, finally fought a game. For the first time in Ive lost track of how long. Im currently sick with mono and decided to go to the local hobby shop only because my brother wanted to go and on the off chance that anyone would actually be opponentless I took my army. As it happens it wasnt that active of a day and an ork player was sitting around with anyone to fight. So I decided to give it a go. My first battle against the green skins. It was just whatever points he could cobble together I said Id match and that number ended up being around 1350 though Im not to sure. I ended up using my army list from the 3rd edition codex and the old rules for the simple reason that nothing in my army really used the new rules. No markerlights or pathfinders, no sniper drones or special issue wargear, no D'yi broadsides, krootox, skyray or anything new or altered. So with a sinus headache I decided I wasnt in a mood to rework the pointages and just went with the old list. *shrug*

The lists were roughly as follows:

Warboss with some upgrades I dont remember
Choppa Boys numbering roughly 15 I think with a nob.
Choppa Boys again around 15 with nob and 3 burnas and the warboss attatched.
Dreadnaught with rocket launcher and claw whatever.
Trukk boys (10) with nob
Looted Leman Russ, battle cannon, heavy bolter, extra armor plates
Something like 25 Gretchin or so with slaver
Heavy weapon batery Im not sure what it was called or what guns they were but 3 big guns and 6 crewman total.
Almost forgot a 10 strong Tank Busta unit with a lot of rokkits.
.... I think thats about it.

Shas'O, FB, PR, SG the usual
Shas'vre, BC, MP, MT
Shas'ui, BC, MP, MT
Shas'ui, BC, MP, MT
Firewarriors (10), shas'ui, bonded
-Devilfish APC, MT, DL, TA
Firewarriors (10), shas'ui, bonded
-Devilfish APC, MT, DL, TA
Hammerhead Gunship, Railgun, BC, MT, DC, TL
Hammerhead Gunship, Railgun, BC, MT, DC, TL
Hammerhead Gunship, Ioncannon, BC, MT, DC, TL

Ok so in retrospect this is rather cruel but then again most of my fights against the people at this particular hobby shop seem to be this way. They all favor heavy foot slogging and when faced with this much armor suddenly think they should start looking for missil launchers.

Deployment and terrain really didnt come into tactical play much but there was a small building on my right flank with some ruined vehicle parts infront and a small circular crater just right of center of my deployment and a little semi circle of hills on the left. There was a large hill in the right corner of my opponents deployment and another smaller one on the left. The center was split by a river right down the middle with random barbed wire alongside it. A few smaller hills were strewn about.


Trukk went behind the right hill, mob with boss went right behind it, leman russ on the far left with dread close to it on the right, large mob of orks stradled the river with the gretchin in front. The heavy weapons went on the hill on the right. One railhead went on my far left, the ionhead on its right, then the two devilfish with firewarriors loaded in and the last railhead on the far right.

Turn 1
Orks: Trukk rushed out, rockit unit moved forward, russ did too and promptly knocked the gun off my Ionhead (great will I ever get to see how this gun actually performs, oh well). Everything else moved forward in great mobs.

Right Railhead took a pot shot at the Leman Russ, it got vehicle obscured but I still blew the battle cannon off. Left Railhead sent 7 of the 10 tankbustas to an early grave and the rest broke. I killed a gretchin and blew up a gun from the heavy weapons with some random small arms and the battlesuits took down the trukk and shot up more than a few of its occupants. Again 7 of the 10. A few orks and gretchin snuffed it.

Turn 2
Orks: Trukk boys advance on my devilfish and try to hit them but fail. Both mobs and gretchin advance, dread takes some shots at left Railhead, nothing happens. Leman shoots at drones with heavy bolter, no wounds.

I shifted my Devilfish to the right, Hammerheads kept shifting around, previously stunned Ionhead lets its bursts rip, a good few orks and gretchin die to various fire, crisis suits really dont move, I drop the first Firewarrior squad out behind the devilfish but guessed slightly wrong and accidently left too much of a gap around the tank. They killed a few orks but I seem to suddenly be plagued by bad luck, all missils and solid shots on vehicles fail to hit let alone damage. Other Railhead decides to see what would happen if a pie plate is dropped on the heavy weapon teams. The result is 3 dead gretchin and another crunched gun, survivors end up running, wahoo.

Turn 3
My Firewarriors get flamed then assaulted killing 9 of the 10 but with no base to base models left I manage to break away and the survivor happens to be my Shas'ui, bonded he turns around but still faces last man standing checks. The drones get tank shocked and manage to fall back just little enough to stay infront of my Shas'O. More advancing. A little more shooting, my left Railhead got shaken.

Shooting... lots of shooting, as this was the last turn to be played I unloaded my second Firearrior squad and let them shoot. All my tanks let rip with their bursts, solid shot at leman misses (more bad luck) most of the burst cannon shooting does mediocre. My Shas'O finally got close enough to the russ to fire but rolled tripple snake eyes (what was I saying about luck?) Lots of dead orks now all squads well below half even the gretchin are extremely thinned, tankbustas long gone, leman with no gun, heavy weapons gone and boss out in the open and prime for shooting.

At this point the ork player decided that he didnt want to see his orks shot to pieces over the next 3 turns so he conceded the game. Looking at what was left even with continued terrible luck by the end of turn 6 while I may have ended up losing some more units the enemy would still have been killed to a man. All this with terrible luck and being sick... man I gotta find new opponents.

Ork Cassualties:
20 Odd Choppa Boys
8 Trukk Boys
10 Tank Bustas
23 Gretchin
3 Heavy Weapons
Main gun off Russ

Tau Cassualties:
9 Firewarriors
Ionhead minus its Ioncannon

Just for the record.

Well anyway this is hopefully the last battle Ill fight with my old codex army. Though finding a good way to integrate new units into my army is proving a little troublesome. Im thinking dismantle the ionhead to make an SMS armed devilfish and replace the heavy support with a skyray then throw in some piranha's and depending on how they do determine on how many. Im thinking 2 for starters. What to add with the devilfish is another question, pathfinders or firewarriors, hmm... markerlights or pulse rifles, hmm... and a shas'el with spiffy new wargear sounds interesting. Comments always welcome, I probably missed something, meds do annoying things to the mind.

-Last words of Warboss Krunch Gunka