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A bit on myself and my history with Warhammer

I just realized that this site had really nothing about me, its a shame to have everything possible on the army and nothing about the player. So for those of you who are curious I will tell you about myself now.
(But note that the times might be off a bit as there were long protracted periods where I was not paying attention. So if in doubt use benchmarks such as the release of 4th edition and LotR or something.)
My name is Sean Keyser I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I live in Virginia not far from the nations capitol, heck I could see the smoke at the Pentagon on 9/11. Its an interesting area but not that great for 40k. I am an artist and avid writer, I enjoy anything to do with strategy and love dealing with sophisticated tactics. Many of my friends live elsewhere in the country and I communicate with them online. Those I do have around here are more than a little crazy. I am aswell though I hide it better. Like I said I love strategy and thus I have enjoyed 40,000 but now that Ive detailed myself some let me tell you of how I got into the hobby.
I first knew of Warhammer and in particular Warhammer 40,000 in my late elementary school and early middle school years. A few of my friends had started and I wanted to aswell. However my parents refused because of the cost and its not like I get much of an allowance. So instead I had to wait. As it would turn out most stopped playing before long. I would not take notice of 40k for some time after this.
Finally around 2-3 years ago the LotR line came around as we all know and the Two Towers starter box acted as a perfect in for me into the hobby. Not long after a friend I knew who still played 40k moved away. Someone else he had gotten into the hobby without someone to play with was going to throw out his army. He happened to have Tau. I already had LotR but I still needed a way into 40k that was cheap and I could slip by my parents general notice (until it was too late to stop me mwahahahaha... ahem Im ok), so I offered to purchase the models from him. I paid $10 and got 3 Crisis suits, 4 Stealth suits, 11 Kroot, 12 Firewarriors and roughly 8 gun drones and of course the codex. They were in rather bad condition it is true and I have replaced almost everything but the crisis suits but it was my entrance into the hobby.
But now I needed to learn the game and play. I went to a hobby shop, the one I now currently frequent but which at the time gave me the creeps, and bought the 3rd edition rulebook. It was confusing and annoying. My first few games at my local GW store were disasterous. Also a month latter the 4th edition rulebook was released and suddenly I did not have the funds for the new rules and thus could not play. By this time my brother had started Eldar and was siphoning a great deal of our collective funds for that, most frustrating.
So I shelved it, everything. My painted miniatures sat on my desk shelf for I dont even know how long myself. Quite a while. Finally one day I was browsing the GW forums out of curiosity and spotted the Battle for Macragge box set. The sight of my dust collecting miniatures had been nagging me for several months and after some debates with my brother and dad I bought it. To make a return I sold the tyranids and their terrain but kept the Marines and imerial stuff. Im not sure if that was a good idea because now everytime I see those marines I want to play Space Marines, oh well.
So getting the BFM rulebook I read it cover to cover, twice. Armed with my knowledge I went back to the formerly creepy hobby shop (the compleat strategist) and was ready to kick some tail. Entering the place I saw that there was a campaign going on and there was currently an argument over rules, walking up behind the players I quoted the rule nearly word for word. Shortly therafter I played a pair of small games and won both.
This was my true start in the gaming aspect of 40k and since then my army has expanded and grown ever stronger. In the begining my army and tactics were static. Then I moved into hybrid and still frustrated at cowardly enemies I moved to a very agressive mechanized style of play. My evolution seems to be nearing its completion and I await the new codex release with a great amount of anticipation. The Or'es Shi cadre led by Shas'O Ximoro'An is not finished yet!
Anyway that is my story, take it as you will.

"Bow to the Cows."