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1000 points Tau vs Imperial Guard

Ok this fight was my first real fight against guard. My opponent wasnt doing a standard guard type, not mechanized infantry, armored, light infantry, heavy infantry etc. His was I guess the best way to say it is elite. All his units had carapace armor and doctrines that basicly made them hardened veterans. The lists were as follows:

Imperial Guard

Junior Officer, 3 Grenade launchers, 1 lasgun, 1 bolter.
Mortar... squad, 3 mortars, 2 crew each.
Lascannon squad, 3 lascannons, 2 crew each.
Leman Russ, standard loadout.
Storm Troopers, sergeant, 2 meltas, melta bombs.
Shock Troops, 10 man squad, 2 meltas.
Shock Troops, I think 10 man squad, 2 meltas.
Shock Troops, I think 10 man squad, 2 meltas.
Ogryns (5)

The second 2 infantry squads Im not sure about, around 10 men. There were 2 meltas in each squad.

Shas'O, fusion, plasma, shield, HW multi
Shas'Vre, missil, burst, multi
Shas'Vre, missil, burst, multi
Stealth Team (5), Shas'vre
Firewarrior Squad (12), shas'ui, bonded
Firewarrior Squad (10), 2 carbines, shas'ui, bonded, photon grenades, Devilfish
Hammerhead Gunship, railgun, SMS, decoy, multi

The board was mostly a city. This week I brought in 2 buildings I made to the hobby store so we could actually have a fair amount of city terrain. There was a large bit of ruins in the lower right quarter, a small bit of barricade in the lower left, upper right had two buildings in it, upper left had 1 building. There was a small bunker between the two buildings in the upper right. I deployed in the lower left, my opponent in the upper right.

My Devilfish went to upper left corner of my deployment to stay out of sight, my hammerhead sat behind the corner of the ruins that jutted into my quarter. My battlesuits lined up just inside the ruins. My footslogging FW squad went into the barricades for cover. My stealths infiltrated behind the lower building in the upper right area. The storm troopers went above the building in the upper left to try and get to my devilfish. The HQ went into the upper building in the IG deployment zone. Morters far back in the area, more than 6" back. Lascannons in the bunker. One IG squad to the upper right of the bunker. The other two went around the building on the lower floor. The HQ was on the third floor. Leman Russ sat to the right of the building staying hidden. The Ogryns were to the left of the building. I got turn 1.

Turn 1:
My Hammerhead moved forward staying away from the potential firezones of the leman russ and lascannons. The devilfish zoomed forward and dumped the firewarriors out back, angling itself on the corner of the building in the upper left quarter so the FWs could shoot the storm troopers, drones deployed aswell. Crisis suits jumped forward and fired at the ogryns killing one. The Hammerhead dropped a template on the ogryns killing an IG and an Ogryn. The smart missils killed another Storm Trooper. Stealths moved out and shot into the bunker killing 4 IG leaving 2 IG and lascannons. The mounted FW squad killed 3 of the storm troopers. The other FW squad fired at the lascannon group killing the rest of them.

Imperial Guard
Nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing. No wounds were inflicted on my army at all. I rolled 2 armor saves and made both of them.

Turn 2:
My hammerhead failed to take down the leman russ but killed an ogryn. The devilfish and mounted squad shifted backwards to fire at the storm troopers who had moved into the building to shoot. Storm troopers were whipped out. Stealths fired on the shock troops who had moved forward, crisis did the same, all but 3 killed and squad broke backwards.

Imperial Guard
Krak grenades managed to immobolize the hammerhead, the reroll resulted in destroyed, just my luck. Shock troops regrouped, ogryns continued advancing toward my devilfish. Mortars missed my devilfish squad. Battle cannon missed.

Turn 3:
Devilfish moved out to shoot at the ogryns killing another one, now only 2 left. Devilfish squad moved forward. Other FW squad moved toward the building in the upper left quarter. Crisis and stealths leaped forward into the open and fired on the shock troops in the HQ held building killing a few.

Imperial Guard
Ogryns charged my Devilfish but could not hit it. HQ managed to down a crisis suite. Mortars missed, battle cannon cought 1 FW. 2 stealth suits killed.

Turn 4:
Suits continued forward and killed more IG. Devilfish squad and tank killed the ogryns. FWs continued forward.

Imperial Guard
Stealths saved shots against them, mortars took out all but 3 of the devilfish squad. Battle cannon took out 2 more FWs.

Turn 5:
Devilfish fired on mortar squads, killed a single guardsmen. Crisis suits leapt out, shas'o pegged the Leman Russ and blew it up, moving back crisis rolled a 1 into the difficult terrain and died. FWs moved into their target building.

Imperial Guard
Mortars at FWs in building do nothing, grenades at Devilfish destroy the burst cannon. Imperial Guard killed the remaining 3 stealth suits.

Turn 6:
Firewarriors and Shas'O kill more IG

Imperial Guard
Nothing happens.

End results:
Tau: 685 pts
Imperial Guard: 677 pts

Ok I dont remember everything that happens but that was the general idea of it. Both sides took a mauling, the luck was being so extraudinarily crazy. One turn the IG are killing everything and Tau nothing, next turn Tau dominate and IG cower. It went back and forth. The terrain favored my opponent for the most part because my suits had nothing to use as cover from the HQ squad and my hammerhead took an early dive. Otherwise things might have been different.

All in all I didnt do badly. Ive been rather sick and concentrating with a splitting headache isnt easy. Im surprised I wasnt annihilated. My commander took the MVP for finally downing the leman russ. He has yet to die. I only wish I had fielded drones to shield my Shas'Os approach instead of suits. Nevertheless that battlecannon had to go.

"Bow to the cows."