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400 points Tau vs Black Templars

This campaign uses the jungle fight rules found here:

In short the amount of terrain is greatly increased from the norm of 25-50% that I usually see to easily 70-90%. This map included a single clearing with some ruined walls and a long trail with a clear hill and an area of dangerous terrain. Thats it, all the rest was jungle.

The lists:

Black Templars
10 Crusader Marines, power fist, flamer
10 Assault Marines, power fist, plasma pistol

My Tau, the Or'es Shi cadre:
Irregulars 8 Firewarriors, bonded, shas'ui
-Devilfish APC, multi tracker, targeting array, decoy launchers
Team Alpha 8 Firewarriors, bonded, shas'ui
-Devilfish APC, multi tracker, targeting array, decoy launchers

Believe it or not I can actually fit 2 skimmers in a 400 point game. Both FW squads came in at exactly 100 ponts, both skimmers were also exactly 100. 400 on the nose. The  Devilfish just squeezes into the armor requirements for combat patrol.

Alright so Deployment put the assault squad on the left, crusader on the right. Both My tanks sat off to the left of the clearing side by side. Black Templars went first.

Turn 1:
Black Templars
Everybody walked up.

Tanks skimmed to the right into the clearing.

Turn 2:
Black Templars
Everybody walked up.

Tanks skimmed forward a little.

Turn 3:
Black Templars
Everybody walked forward.

Skimmed to the left a little.

Turn 4:
Black Templars
Everybody came forward, one Assault Marine crashed and burned.

Skimmed forward, alpha squad dumped out and killed one crusader, devilfish killed another, other devilfish killed an assault marine.

Turn 5:
Black Templars
Assault marines jumped behind the Devilfish for the Irregulars, 4 marines crashed and burned. They shot it, stunned, assaulted it, destroyed. 2 drones and 2 Firewarriors killed. Crusader squad shot at Alpha Squads Devilfish, nothing happened.

Alpha squad fell back into the clearing and the devilfish skimmed back with them, everything dumped into the assault squad killing one and the 3 survivors failed their pinning check.

Turn 6:
Black Templars
Crusaders assaulted Team Alpha, killed 4, return attacks killed 1 BT, no base to base contact models, team falls back 11 inches. Crusaders consolidated into the Irregulars

Devilfish killed 2 assault marines. Shas'ui of Team Alpha killed the last one. Lost 3 members of the Irregulars, they stuck and consolidated in.

End Results:

Tau Loses
9 Firewarriors
2 Drones
1 Devilfish APC

Black Templars Loses
10 Assault Marines
3 Crusader Marines

Minor Victory for the Tau

"Bow to the Cows."