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1250 points Tau vs Daemonhunters

Alright the campaign map is looking very interesting now. To the right flank chaos is doing its own thing but isnt making much progress, on the left flank the Imperial Guard are advancing slowly but steadily and in the center my Tau force has smashed its way forward, far ahead of anyone else, secured both a listening post and a star port (I hadnt noticed the star port, my last victory secured it). This next battle was against daemonhunters again, they are the only enemy army that can really face me, other space marines are tied up with the traitor/gue'vesa guard and the space wolves are slamming it out with chaos. So again I face the veteran Daemonhunters player and again a different list and different tactics.

The mission was seek and destroy, 1250pts now and my army was starting to feel stretched. The lists were as follows:

Inquisitor Lord, bare bones minimum points, nothing special at all... exept artificer armor.
Grand Master
x10 Seraphim, sister... superior??? With power weapon and they had melta bombs.
x10 Storm Troopers, rhino transport, sergeant w power weapon
x10 Storm Troopers, rhino transport, sergeant w storm hammer... yea something like that.
Death Cult Assasine
Vindicare Assasine
Lance Strike
Something Something Torpedo... *shrug* blasted migrane.

Shas'O, FB, PR, SG, HW MT
x2 Crisis Team, MT, MP, BC, Shas'vre
Monat Battlesuit, MT, MP, BC
x4 Stealth Team
x6 Gun Drone Squadron
x12 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonded
x12 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonded
x10 Firewarriors (Irregulars), shas'ui, bonded, photon grenades, Devilfish APC, x2 carbines
Hammerhead Gunship, Rail, SMS, MT, Decoy... the works really... and 2 gun drones.

Alright the field was heavily terrained, there was a cathedral rough center of the board, 3 buildings in a triangle formation to the far left, another on the far right, more small buildings scattered around and a few barricades.

The Deployment for the DH had the Vindicare assasine in the center building on the left, the death cult far to the right of the board behind a ruined landraider. The Grand Master was behind a small bunker to the right. One rhino to the far right and back from the assasine and GM. The other rhino next to the farthest back building on the left and the Inquisitor next to it. Seraphim arrayed next to the left rhino.

My Hammerhead went behind the lower building with the devilfish next to it. One firewarrior squad sat in a small building in the middle of my lines and the other in some terrain to the left, My shas'o and crisis suits and drones all went around the left firewarrior team. Stealths infiltrate behind cathedral piece.

Turn 1:
Tau- HAH somehow I got to go first and this is what made the game really, this game was really won on turn 2.

Anyway Devilfish squad zooms forward and unloads fire into the assasine, takes off a wound. Suits move forward and fire on seraphim, 4 go down. Hammerhead zooms up next to the devilfish and drops a template on sisters, 3 more go down. Left FW squad fires on assasine, does nada. Right squad has no targets.

Rhinos zoom up, assasine shoots at HH and stuns it. IG on unload and manage to glance the DF and stun it. Seraphim move up, GM moves up, Death Cult shifts around in cover. Hunter Killer missil from right rhino pings the Monat suite. Left Hunter Killer does nothing.

Turn 2:
Right Rhino downed, troops entangled, 1 IG killed, Vindicare goes down, FWs and drones rush up to engage the IG, rapid fireing kills 4. Stealths shoot IG from behind, fail to kill any. Shas'O still out of the way from assasine.

AGH both orbital stuff comes in, one keyed to some profile terrain near my suits, another on the barricades my left FWs are using for cover. Luckily they scatter and my one FW cought makes his save. Sisters leap against my HH and stun it. IG charge my FWs and kill 1.

Turn 3:
AAAH Run, left firewarriors leg it from evil lance strike. Suits tail it away from torpedos. Shas'O comes out of hiding now that evil Vindicare is dead. Stealths and suits cut down all 3 remaining sisters... whew tanks are safe. Drones charge into the IG and cut a few down, I lose 4 more FWs.

IG fail to unintangle, Death Cult runs at my Shas'O looking for blood, Grand Master comes forward, orbitals miss, IG kill 3 more FWs. Drones kill more IG, firewarriors break and get away. Death cult takes a wound of Shas'O but he stays. Right FWs and crisis race to aid Shas'O.

Turn 4:
FWs turn back around, HH and DF zoom around for blood and shoot at what they can, FWs try their darndest to take down rhino, they destroy its storm bolter. Drones kill even MORE IG but sarg is still alive. Shas'O loses another wound but kills assasine and runs away from approaching GM... invulnerable save has been tested enough for one day.

GM charges crisis suits instead and kills one, the Shas'vre breaks and gets away but does not run off the board. Sergeant is killed by drones, since he has hammer they go first. IG on right try to rush forward so does the Inquisitor who tries to take down HH but misses.

Turn 5:
Hammerhead fires solid shot at Grand Master, it hits, it wounds, cover save failed and OH he is dead. Shas'O and crisis suite and right FW squad fire into incoming IG and cut most of them down. Devilfish moves toward the right IG. Drones and left FW team and the 2 survivors of the Irregulars (still there WOOT) fire on Inquisitor but fail to hurt him. So what do they do??? CHARGE BOYS!!! Fail to wound him but he cant kill the survivors of the irregulars or the left FW squad.

Whats left alive? Strikes all miss, IG run forward but have no shots. Inquisitor fails to wound the drones and they fail to hurt him.

Turn 6:
Shas'O leads right massed fire in executing the last Storm Troopers, oh sory boys. Drones actually take a wound off the Inquisitor.

GO INQUISITOR GO, YOU CAN DO IT... now you cant. On the bottom of the last turn the Inquisitor goes down and lances all miss. The entire Daemonhunter army has been slaughtered.

End Results:


Vindicare Assasine
Death Cult Assasine
Grand Master
... Oh whatever you get the point EVERYBODY!!!

x2 Crisis Suite Shas'ui
x8 Firewarriors from the Irregulars squad
Shas'O has 2/4 wounds left.
2 Gun Drones From the Devilfish... killed... I dunno, blasted headache.

So all in all this was a royal masacre, my opponent got only half points for the Irregulars, the gun drones and the Monat suite, I had 1250 pts for destroying his entire army. This was the greatest victory I have had yet and pushed me towards a second star point. The strategies of this game placed the deciding action in turns 1 and 2 with the titanic confrontation of the Irregulars and the IG. The crazy boys did their job adamently and despite the odds stacked against them managed to survive and the drones really pulled their weight, those little round heads rock, they ROCK! Everything hinged on whether my Hammerhead was downed and if the Vindicare could shoot down my Shas'O, and in adition the failure of the orbital strikes to cause any damage at all. All those factors forced the game to be really decided on turn 2. Deployment, surprise and luck were the major factors in this fight.

So the Tau lines have shoved forward an amazing 9 squars and are within reach of yet another Star Port that will hopefully fall next sunday. The IG are held up after fighting a brutal tie against some Space Marines and the Chaos Forces (CHEESY BUGGERS) did nothing but slaughter my brothers Eldar with one of the most power gaming lists Ive seen yet, though it didnt help as they didnt advance any.

The campaign is being dominated by my Tau with the IG coming in closely behind and managing to keep a pretty good pace. In a few weeks by the start of the 1500 point games I will be storming an Inquisitional fortress. Though Ill have 2 Railheads for that, I bought another today. Mwahahahaha. My army is slowly growing, slowly yes, but surely.

Oh yes and the most important part... another win for the TAU!!!

"Bow to the cows."