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Well welcome to my website. This site will tell you about my Tau army, the Or'es Shi and give details on its fluff, background, construction, tactics and forseen future. Here you will find everything about my army and my knowledge with the dynamic race that is the Tau.

-Ok so... there really is no news, I just wanted to write something here anyone so anyone checking in on the site knows I haven't died or anything. I've just been far too busy with my various new Space Marine armies to even finish painting my Pathfinders and their Devilfish, shameless I know. But hopefully I'll be able to make more use of my Tau and get back to producing more articles and information on them, for now though, keep checking my other websites to see some of my more recent work. The list is as follows:
-I added an article on creating your own personal websites, have a look.
-Updated the site with a legal disclaimer page for Games Workshop.
-Put up another battle report for the first time in quite a while. Cyan Snow a battle I played last saturday against Orks. I have another one to do a sort of half finished 4 way battle but Im not sure when Ill get the time to put that one up.
-Well I still havent gotten the Pathfinders and their fish painted. College starts in a couple weeks and Ill be off to that soon. Instead of lugging my huge mechanized army down there Ive decided to give my cadre a well deserved rest and instead stsarted a small marine force, roughly at 700pts and soon to be 750-800. Ultramarines, the poster boys of the poster boys. This does not mean Ill be getting rid of my Tau or that I wont be playing them anymore but I finally get to start a second army. Ive already begun the new site for my Ultramarines 7th Company led by Master Captain Vash Thalion. Check it out here: http://squaliix.tripod.com/ultramarines/
-6 Pathfinders bought (2 Rail Rifles and Shas'ui), another Devilfish and a Piranha. I think my army is finally complete. Now all I might add would be some auxilaries for the conversion purposes and just to say I can field 4 races in one army, I love that idea. I also got a new battle report up with PICS! Check it out. With any luck there will be another report or two with pics up tommorrow.
-Some unexpected news, I have a digital camera now. So once I get that up and working Ill be able to get some new pics of my army up (its changed a lot since the last ones) and hopefully Ill now be able to take pictures of my battles to add to the reports. So some very good news.
-Last weekend I came up with an idea for a cool Tau kill team and decided to stop being so fickle and indesicive and I bought a Piranha (store only had one darn) a Firewarrior squad and a Hammerhead. The Hammerhead went together as a Warfish (a Devilfish with SMS), I converted the squad a fair bit to give them some added character and the piranha went together fairly well. The squad is now painted and waiting for transfers. Ill try and get some new pics of my army up soon. The current ones are rediculously old but Im having camera problems. I also got a few new battle reports up and more to come. Im contemplating doing a new mechanized and skimmer tactica. 
-Shas'O is all painted up and looks sweet, Shas'el finally purchased and put together, priming could use some touchup but its for the most part fine. Still got 6 drones and 3 battlesuits to paint plus my Ionhead is still unpainted mostly cause Im contemplating whether to take apart the turret and make it into a warfish and paint it as a devilfish or just go ahead and paint it as a Hammerhead and leave it. Still got a pathfinder unit to add and some piranhas when they finally become available. Medusa V is coming up and Im trying to gear up for that but it would seem getting people to agree on something is more difficult than even I thought. Oh well somethings gotta happen... eventually. So anyway thats about all there is to say for now, Ill keep this up to date with the aditions to my army and soon Ill get a new army list up so far its just a rough pencil outline on a scrap piece of paper.  
-Well I finally got my hands on the new commander box and two new crisis suits. Got them put together and primed they are waiting for paint. I also plan on getting one or two additional battlesuits and a unit of pathfinders. Hopefully by this weekend. My new commander model literally is standing on a dead Emperors Champion. The model looks pretty sweet and hopefully Ill get some pictures up soon. Thats about all for now dear.
-Finally at long last I have the codex. Tau Empire gives the army a lot of new options and tactics and I intend to fully make use of them. I intend to add a skyray, several piranhas, another mounted firewarrior squad and perhaps vespids and kroot auxila. Aswell as perhaps some new stealths and more crisis suits and a crisis commander. Either way I intend to bulk up my army significantly and diversify my anti tank capabilities with piranha mounted and stealth suit carried fusion blasters. This should prove quite fun though I really need to find a good way for transporting so many tanks.
-Well without anything else to put here I have decided to start a news update to inform anyone who visits this site of what I am up to. So currently I am planning a number of tactical articles to appear shortly after the release of the new codex on the first of March. I also have some painting to get on with and a few more additions to make to my army. I still need to add another squad box and perhaps some pathfinders. I will also be adding a skyray and some piranhas to my list come mid march when they are released (estimated around the 16th... I hope). Other than that I havent been doing much and havent even been playing much. My gaming opportunities are almost nill lately. What can I say life sucks and senior year is a bitch. Anyway I will keep this bit up to date with news as it comes.

War Record
The Or'es Shi cadre has been engaged in two major campaigns so far, of them the second is coming to a rapid close. Soon the cadre will be moving off to another world. The record of the Or'es Shi speaks for itself.

Or’es Shi Cadre Battle Record


Codex Tau: 

Black Templars: Defeat

Witchunters: Defeat

Space Marines: Victory

Eldar: Victory

Space Marines & Space Wolves: Tie

Space Wolves: Defeat

Daemonhunters: Victory

Space Wolves & Daemonhunters: Tie

Space Wolves: Victory

Daemonhunters: Victory

Eldar: Victory

Daemonhunters: Victory

Imperial Guard: Tie

Daemonhunters: Victory

Daemonhunters: Victory

Eldar: Victory

Space Marines: Victory 

Thousand Sons: Tie

Daemonhunters: Tie

Thousand Sons: Victory

Black Templars: Victory

Tau: Victory

Black Templars: Victory

Space Marines: Victory

Space Marines: Victory

Orks: Victory


Wins: 17 Ties: 5 Defeats: 3 Total: 25


Codex Tau Empire

Space Marines: Victory

Space Marines: Defeat

Eldar: Victory

Eldar: Victory

Space Marines: Victory

Space Wolves: Victory

Space Marines & Witch Hunters: Victory

Speed Freak Orks: Tie


Wins: 6 Ties: 1 Defeats: 1 Total: 8


Shas’O Ximoro’An Honored Kills

-Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnaught

-Daemonhunter Grand Master

-Daemonhunter Terminators

-Fire Prism Grav Tank

-Pheonix Lord Baharoth

-Leman Russ

-Death Cult Assassin

-Wave Serpent

-Space Marine Commander 

-Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord

-Callidus Assasine

-Terminator Castelan

-Black Templar Terminators


-Terminator Captain

-Venerable Dreadnaught

-Fire Dragon Exarch

-Space Marine Terminator Chaplain (Confessors Master of Sanctity Uriel)

-Wolf Priest Logan

-Ork Warboss on Bike


Shas'el Ren'va Honored Kills

-Space Marine Terminators

-Space Marine Jump Pack Master (Confessors Chapter Master Michael)


Irregulars Honored Kills


-Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord and Retinue

-Space Marine Dreadnaught



Hammerhead Mont’ka Honored Kills


-Venerable Dreadnaught

-Ordo Maleus Inquisitor

-Chaos Defiler


Hammerhead Danger Honored Kills

-Chaos Predator

-Land Raider

"Bow to the cows."