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What to do with this extra model.

Well all of you who have bought the Hammerhead or Devilfish will know of the crew member that comes with it, the model that can be stuck in the turret with the binoculars. Well I personally do not put this in the turret, so what to do with it? Spare parts I suppose, but thats a waste to a certain extent. I have seen some nice conversions with it but then again is there nothing else we can do with it?

Well thinking on this I noticed that I had a few extra pulse carbines in my bits box and perhaps a couple of those in my Firewarrior squads would be nice. So I picked out a carbine arm and matching support arm. These I glued to the body and I glued on the head, then I took out an extra base, used hot glue to fill in the gap then glued on the model. Now I have another Firewarrior for every tank I get that I can use to flush out the squads that come in the Devilfish Squad Box.

In adition you could use these as pathfinders to save money. Cut the body in half at the waist and you can glue on extra legs from Firewarriors to get differant poses. Simple and easy ways to put this extra model to good use. I have two of these in my Irregulars squad and they work well enough for me.

You can also use these models to represent your commander on foot for special scenariors or kill team missions, there are many ways to put this model to use, I hope these suggestions help you or give you ideas of your own.

"Bow to the cows."