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1000 pts Tau vs Space Marines

Ok today was another battle against marines. The shop was really busy today, much more so than Ive seen in a long time and it took a while for a table to open up and the first available player was Space Marines. So I went up against them on a rather large semi urban board. The terrain on the board really ended up being just scenic as all the fighting took place in the open and the cover never came into play. The lists were as follows:
Space Marines
Librarian, melta bombs, plasma, not sure what powers he didnt get a chance to use them
Venerable Dreadnaught, assault cannon, DCCW maybe some other stuff
-Drop Pod
x10 Tactical marines, melta gun, sarg with power weapon and plasma pistol
-rhino, smoke launchers, hunter killer missil
x9 Tactical marines, melta gun, sarg with power weapon and plasma pistol
-rhino, smoke launchers, hunter killer missil
Shas'O, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Shield Genn, HW Multi Tracker
Shas'ui, team leader, plasma rifle, missil pod, targeting array, HW MT
Shas'ui, team leader, plasma rifle, missil pod, targeting array, HW MT
x8 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonding knife
-Devilfish, decoy launchers, targeting array, multi tracker
x8 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonding knife
-Devilfish, decoy launchers, targeting array, multi tracker
Hammerhead, Railgun, Burst Cannons, decoys, multi tracker, target lock
Hammerhead, Railgun, Burst Cannons, decoys, multi tracker, target lock
Deployment put both of his rhinos side by side on the very left side of this rather large board in a building. My tanks spread in a line down the middle of my deployment zone with the battlesuits on the far left and my Shas'O roughly center.
Turn 1:
Space Marines
One rhino moved forward, the other stayed put. Fired one hunter killer.
Everything moved forward and left, shot a lot of stuff, Immobolized forward rhino, stunned the other and blew off hunter killer on one tank.
Turn 2:
Space marines
Dread fails to show, both tanks pop smoke.
Everything moved forward again and shot, one team of Firewarriors got out and shot aswell. Two armament destroyed results and an immobolized result on the forward rhino again destroying it, marines popped out and were promptly shot to death, all 10 killed.
Turn 3:
Space Marines
Dread arrives and lands right infront of my Shas'O and proceeds to charge him but fails to wound, my Shas'O stuns the thing but apparently it still gets to whack back with one attack next turn, this has never happened before so Im not sure how to get rid of this thing. Other rhino moves out and unloads troops they shoot off the railgun on one of my Hammerheads. Drop pod kills 5 of the 10 Firewarriors and they fall back.
Shoot most of the second marine squad up and immobolize their rhino. Other 2 shas'vre charge in to try and help my commander. One gets killed my commander shakes the dread. Firewarriors rally.
Turn 4:
Space Marines
Kills the other battlesuit, marines try to use melta bombs on my tanks but completely fail. The sarg's plasma pistol blows up and kills him.
Other Firewarrior squad temporarily gets out to shoot. More marines dead. Shas'O still alive.
Turn 5:
Space Marines
Another failed attempt at taking down my tanks in assault and shooting. Shas'O still alive... dread immobolized but apparently still fighting.
Last marine squad killed and Librarian wounded. Shas'O still alive....
Turn 6:
Space Marines
My commander finally fails his invulnerable save and goes down after 7 rounds of combat with the dread. I am frankly pissed as this is the first time my commander has died and my first time using the new model I made.
Burst cannons promptly send the last rhino and the dread to the grave and shoot the Librarian into oblivion.
End Results
Tau Cassualties:
x2 Shas'ui
Space Marine Cassualties:
Venerable Dreadnaught
x2 Rhinos
x19 Space Marines
Crushing Victory for the Tau.
Notes: Well all in all the marines were completely a push over but the battle was also somewhat of a moral defeat as my commander finally bit the dust after over a score of battles though 7 rounds in cc... oh well whatever. Now some fluff to explain why my spiffy new commander isnt [i]dead[/i]  ::)
The battlesuite launched back and forth off the ruined walls on either side of the alley firing into the dreadnaught as it advanced swinging wildly with a giant shimmering clawed arm. The battle had been raging for some time and two others had already fallen. Ximoro'An launched himself over the dreadnaught and turned back the other way blasting away at its legs. A plasma shot scored a solid hit through the armor melting apart the machines hydraulics but the move coste him. The dreadnaughts powerfull combat arm clipped the battlesuite slamming it to the side. The shield generator on his shoulder managed to absorb the damage but trying to scramble away he took another glancing blow. The shield generator whined in protest and red warning lights flashed throughout the cockpit as the battlesuite was pushed to its limits. Suddenly as he tried pushing back off his left leg he heard the screach of tortured metal and the leg give out where it had been damaged before in the melea. Eyes going wide the battlesuite tottered and unable to balance fell backwards the dreadnaughts combat arm swinging forward with a howl of victory.
The claw ripped into the battlesuite on the right leg shearing it off and continueing to smash and slice through the battlesuites torso rending a tear right across the chest. O'An groaned as the claw slashed through his armor and scored a gash across his chest. Sunlight poared in through the rift in the battlesuites front and he stared out at the damaged dreadnaught as it lurched over him fist raised to smash the cockpit to pieces. Just then the sound of pulse fire came from down the alley. A railgun shell blasted a chunk out of the wall nearby and the dreadnaught tried to turn but too late. The softer rear armor of its torso burst under the continued volley from half a dozen burst cannons and with a roar of defiance the metal monstrosity fell forward ontop of the downed battlesuite trapping it. As the sunlight dissapeared behind the falling sarcophagus O'An slipped into unconciousness.
"Well congratulations sir you ruined a brand new battlesuite."
Ximoro'An's eyes opened grogily to the sound of a sarcastic voice from somewhere nearby. His second in command Ren'va was standing off to the side of his bed in the medical bay back at headquarters arms crossed and a wry smile on his face.
"I never asked for a new suite, oh well Ill just have to use the old one then." O'An said with mock dissapointment.
"No can do" Ren'va was quick to reply, "already packed off for Dal'yth apparently they want to put it on display at the academy or something."
"Thats alright, the Fio say the damage is fixeable, both in body and machine." Ren'va said with a dry chuckle, "been a while since you were in here hasnt it?"
"Im not lamenting that." O'An replied trying to sit up. His chest seared with pain and he slumped back again glowering at the room around him.
"Now, now your just going to have to stay in bed and heal." said Ren'va barely able to keep from laughing.
"Oh yea Im sure this is a glorious joke to you," Ximoro'An grumbled as he ran over the battle in his head. "Cassualty report."
"Well other than you, only ui'Gadden survived, Illam is dead," Ren'va said the smile leaving his face. "Five firewarriors were killed from the Irregulars aswell but squad Alpha suffered no cassualties."
"I see... and the vehicles?"
"Mont'yr's Railgun turret suffered critical damage but the main chasis is undamaged, all other vehicles suffered no damage and the Fio are busy fitting a new Railgun as we speak."
"Will the cadre be ready to re-deploy on schedule." O'an asked all bussiness.
"Assuming you are all healed up in a week, yes." Ren'va said eyebrow raised.
"Right, right... wait a week!?" O'An shot back.
"Hehe, yes a week, the Por have apparently struck up some general truce but the Aun and Shas'ar'tol want several cadres to be ready to deploy in a weeks time, knowing these Imperials the truce will be gone or close to it by then and we will need to take action." Said Ren'va shaking his head.
"Im not complaining about that." Said Ximoro'An rubbing his chest feeling the thick bandages that wrapped around his torso from under his ribcage up over his left shoulder.
"Yes Im sure you will repay that a hundred times over," Ren'va said with a wry grin. "In that case I'd better go and see how your battlesuite's repair is going. The Shas'ar'tol went to all that trouble of insisting you upgrade to a newer model it would be a shame to see it scrapped."
"Yes, you do that." O'an said as the doors slid open and Ren'va walked out. With a grunt of displeasure he settled back into the sheets. If there was one thing he hated it was being stuck in the infirmory. Well he would just have to repay the Imperials for his discomfort. He let a smile spread across his face as he counted the number of the Emperors Finest killed in the last battle. He may be stuck in the infirmory but he was far better off than they were. "Well... not a bad start... now for the rest of them."
Well I hope anyone who has read this far has enjoyed this report its high time I went and did something productive.

Shas'O Ximoro'An on Dreadnaughts.